AoS: Pandemic Project Update- The Horde

We’re still holed up in the Gdaycave, restricting trips outside the the house to protect us just as much as to protect other members of our community from any nasty viruses that are out there. This does, of course, mean that the #PandemicProject is continuing, my Hyshian Flesh-Eater Courts army for Age of Sigmar has swelled the ranks by… (quickly doublechecks) 47 new Crypt Ghouls. Oh, and the Umbral Spellportals, because having a reason to play around with different colors can be a lifesaver when painting a horde.

All bases are remaining black until I’m done with the rest of the models, so that they can all be based at the same time to ensure consistency.

The first wave of the #PandemicProject started with 30 Crypt Ghouls, 3 Crypt Ghast Courtiers and a unit of 6 Crypt Horrors. The second wave added an Abhorrent Archregent, a Varghulf Courtier, and the Grymwatch – the monster-hunting Ghoul squad from Beastgrave. Some among you may have noticed that the first wave Crypt Ghouls block didn’t actually have any Crypt Ghasts as unit leaders. The third wave corrects that, with 5 of the 42 Crypt Ghouls being painted up as Crypt Ghasts (the dudes with the skulls+rib cages on their backs).

Crypt Ghouls are the Battleline unit for Flesh-Eater Courts armies – the only one, in fact, unless you’re playing one of the Courts (Hollowmourne, Gristlegore or Blisterskin) that allow you to field Horrors, Monsters or Flayers as Battleline units. Every army is going to be built around a core of these guys, and I can now field five separate units, with their ranks pulled from a pool of 72 painted Crypt Ghouls. Okay, they have to be in multiples of 10, so the two stragglers will be waiting to be summoned mid-game, but I predict I’ll be looking to field them with a spearhead unit of at least 30…

The palate cleanser for this wave was the aforementioned Umbral Spellportals. These were an interesting experiment for me as I worked on blending for their magicky wispy bits (is there a better name for that?). Between washes and glazes and wet blending I’m pretty much delighted with how they came out.

The portal faces were an experiment as well, trying to get something of a sense of swirly movement. In a first for me, the portal faces are also sealed with a gloss varnish, adding a little extra to the effect. Painting the Endless Spells helps break up the monotony of painting Crypt Ghoul back hair on 40+ models, and they’ll have universal utility regardless of army choice.

The Fourth Wave is primed and ready to receive paint, but didn’t get any love last Saturday due to a bunch of paving stones being rearranged in the back yard and some little feathered snugglebugs needing some love. Turns out she wasn’t in for sitting with me while I tried to paint or blog, but as long as I kept my hands level, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was acceptable.

Kermit’s birdie snuggles were kind of appropriate as the Fourth Wave steps up, given that it’s full of flying Crypt Flayers…