Miggy’s Table: Pt4 – Laughing At Myself

Hello, Losties! I’m back with some more progress on how my modular table is coming together. While I’m making tons of progress, I did run into a few snags that taught me some important lessons. For instance, I was wrapping up putting the boards together when I discovered something about the foam board that I was using. There’s a thin paper covering on either side that can be removed. In my case it should have been removed. Turns out that the raw foam can take on a more interesting texture and allows for better line separation for the concrete blocks. Ah well, that’s one lesson down.

In the last post, I brought up the fact that these boards needed some tarmac. I mentioned that Mel over at The Terrain Tutor suggested using sandpaper which sounded brilliant! The only downside was that I actually needed a ton of sandpaper to get the desired effect. I dug around for what I had and, as it turns out, the little scrap of sanding material that I used to rough up the edges of the foam was all I had.

Please join me in laughing at myself for a minute.

Alright, so that wasn’t going to work. I needed to figure something out. After some digging around on the ole YouTube I found just the thing I needed. Jay over at  Terrain Made Easy suggested using joint compound or spackle to make realistic asphalt. Now that was an interesting plan. Good thing I had some of the stuff on hand!

The stuff I had was very dry from lack of use. A couple of teaspoons of water and it was ready to spread. After spreading it on a tile, I used an old brush to stipple some great texture. This was starting to turn out great!

What I didn’t account for was the warping.

Yup, you heard that right friends. Turns out using dry wall filler that’s been moistened can do some damage to cardboard. So I decided to do something really funny after I got them all coated and stippled. Only, I ran out of joint compound.

Once again, I am asking you to join me in laughing at myself.

Right. So I’m out of my plan B. Time for the next letter in the alphabet! I dug around to see what I had left for the remaining two (yeah, of all the rotten luck, right?). What I found was a small jar of sanding grit and I made do with what I had. Unfortunately, copious amounts of PVA also warp cardboard. Still I pressed on.

Now I had to do something about the warping. When you’ve got stacks of unpainted cardboard that are curling up, what do you do? Well I had a funny solution.


Yup that’s one of my bags full of chibis from Super Dungeon: Explore. It’s mostly heroes and some mini bosses but that’s a lot of plastic. It’s also weighed down by the wall of pins I’ve collected from Privateer, Steamforged, and Marvel. Did this work? Sort of. I did have to break in a few of the boards to straighten them up a little but for the most part they’re gonna work.

At this point in many of my unfinished projects (sorry Chibi minis!) I was beginning to run out of steam. I’ve been staring at the same set of cardboard cut outs for the better part of three weeks, playing with all kinds of toxic fumes to move it along. Losing motivation kind of hit hard. I hate just leaving so many things undone or half-heartedly completed. Thankfully, Atomic Mass Games had the solution: CP10.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marvel: Crisis Protocol or AMG, lemme give you the skinny on CP10. Having become something of a myth or a meme amongst MCP player circles, CP10 is the very delayed Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacey) character pack that should have come out before Venom did. Yup. All the way back in January.

Production issues caused the delay but in the last few weeks, there have been some major (though almost unofficial) announcements regarding this legendary expansion. Will Schick and Dallas Kemp both gave us some crumbs during their live-streams. It’s been so wonderful to see the actual plastic sprue that both Spiders come on and hearing about the new “Web Warriors” team affiliation.

My favorite super hero from Marvel has always been Spidey. If its a pig bitten by a radioactive spider or a Latina from the Bronx who got inundated with mystical spider powers, I am a fan of the Spider family. So needless to say, I got hyped and felt rejuvenated. (Guess it really did need to be said then?) So I pressed through those awful fumes and let everything dry before tackling the warping issue. But more on that later.

Just a heads up, the drying time on that compound is waaaay longer than what the package says. Be smarter than me friends. If you decide to give this project a shot, use sandpaper for the tarmac when using cardboard as your base. Alternatively, use sparse amounts of spackle spread over a base of foam core so that warping won’t happen.

Speaking of drying times, it’s time to seal these boards with something that’s just as smelly and with a longer dry time.

Till next time, Losties!