Miggy’s Table: The journey begins

Hey everyone! Miggy Sawdust here. You might have seen some of my handiwork on a few of the Paint the Target posts. Well, now I’m here to share something pretty exciting with y’all.

I’ve been wargaming for… well it’s been a while, and recently I got into Marvel: Crisis Protocol in a big way. What’s not to like? You’ve got brightly costumed heroes fighting villains by throwing cars at your opponent. It’s tons of fun. The best part for me is that it’s a skirmish game. At any given game, you’ll be fielding (at most) three to six models on your side of the board. Plus, the board is 3’ x 3’. You know what else uses that size board? Just about any other skirmish game out there. I’m talking Malifaux, Company of Iron, Guild Ball, Star Wars: Legion – Skimirish, Relic Knights, and X-Wing Miniatures. I could go on (please someone -anyone- stop me) but those are the games that I really really love.

Now, since I’ve been under a “Stay At Home,” I’ve been playing solo. The only problem (besides knowing what my opponent’s next move will be) is that I don’t have a table to play on. What I do have is a vinyl map which, as you can see, is perfect.

For X-Wing. You probably could make the argument that I could use this for any of my other games but why should I settle for something that could work? Seems like a lot of work to me. So I flipped the mat to see if it would help.

As you can see, that isn’t so much of an improvement either. What’s a gamer to do? Why build myself a board with modular tiles of course!

I could have just bought a mat from any of the great folks producing them but I wanted to try something different. Not to mention cheap. Don’t have all the fancy equipment to cut XPS foam or the extra cash to spare? No problem! Watch as I magically turn some old moving boxes into a neat board.

Maybe? Not quite? We’ll see where this goes! – Gday

I do want to thank Jeremy from Black Magic Craft, GamingGeek,  Frank from Franky D. Crafter, and Lucas from Bard’s Craft for helping inspire me to try something cool. I’ll get into more of the process and showing me the basics of what I’ll need to get this project done.

So until next time, Losties!

-Miggy Sawdust