Pals are makin’ stuff

While I’m happily chugging along with my Flesh-Eater Courts as my #PandemicProject, friends of mine are embracing technology that’s way beyond my ken, and extruding plastic filament and resin stuff through printers that don’t get paper jams. I’ll freely admit I have no idea what goes into 3-D printing, and thankfully I have an FLGS that will print files for me, but as the pandemic’s rolled forward friends of mine have shared with me their endeavors, which I now share with you.

Pal Rob  is all about mechs and tanks and stuff, so it’s no huge surprise that he’s been designing  building on hexes for Battletech. Each is on a 1.25″ hex base, and the range he’s designed stretches from apartment buildings and offices to fortifications and artillery. Rob has his designs over on ArtStation, and welcomes you to take a peek. Of personal interest, his vehicle designs will scale nicely for Marvel Crisis Protocol, and some of the sci-fi trucks may well make for perfect scatter terrain for Warcaster: Neo Mechanika…

I haven’t painted anything close to this scale since the late 90’s when I worked on Space Marine/Epic armies. Painting tiny windows is a pain in the proverbial, but then, I painted every single damn button on Aiyana’s bodyguard Master Holt, so I knew I could muscle through these. I was perhaps unreasonably proud of the helipad on the roof of the BMW building. Freehand really is not my strong suit (I mean, look at the BMW logo) but I was very happy with how round I managed to get it. Big thanks to Rob for letting me play with some of his toys!

Pal Steve is also printing, and in order to work the kinks out of his printers he agreed to print some samples from Modphius’s range of scatter terrain for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Steve will be working on providing a printing service once he’s got a few more things sorted out, so we’ll offer up a plug for him when the time comes. Modiphius’ range of STL’s, in the meantime, includes some really cool stuff, from the Red Rocket to toilets with or without a seat, as per your personal preferences.

  Crates are always good for scatter terrain, even if they look like a matched luggage set. No losing your stuff on the conveyor belt at the airport. More importantly, I’d like to point out that 1980’s Gdaybloke would be in seventh heaven to have a multi-rack stereo system like that. I’m thinking these will make good Necromunda scatter terrain too…

As we all make our way through this, I think it’s important to have some sort of creative outlet, something to focus on. I consider hobbies to be a key part of our mental well-being, and I’m delighted that Rob and Steve are both exploring new avenues with their printers, and thankful for the opportunity to paint some of the stuff they’ve made. Me, I have no idea about this sort of stuff, but time at the painting desk both helps me destress and gives me a sense of productivity and accomplishment as I mark off milestones on the #PandemicProject. What works for me may not work for you, but I encourage you to find your geeky peace as we weather the ongoing storm. Nerdmaste. Wash your damn hands.