AOS: Pandemic Project Update – The cup runneth over

Alright, it’s been a busy week, so the Corpsemare Stampede didn’t get finished (or “finished enough”), but the last six Crypt Horrors did, and they’re joined by the first two endless spells – the Cadaverous Barricade and the Chalice of Ushoran. As with previous updates, basing will wait until everything’s done, so I can make it consistent across the entire army. What this does mean is that, after the Stampede is done there will only be two models remaining before I can call the #PandemicProject complete – the Terrorgheist and the Zombie Dragon.

The biggest challenge I’m having right now is staying focused as we come to the end of the project. “What next?” is constantly in my head, and I’m being torn between Monsterpocalypse, Warcaster, Warmachine and 40K. So many excellent options available to me – analysis paralysis is a thing! But we’re here to talk about ghouls…

The Chalice of Ushoran is – well, contents as advertised. It’s an enormous chalice formed from bones, filled with the blood of the slain. As an Endless Spell it persists on the table, but it doesn’t move at all. Every turn you keep track of the number of models – friend or enemy – that are slain within 12″. At the end of the turn, you roll a dice for each, and every 4+ either heals a wound on an existing model, or returns a single wound model to play. Given that the Flesh-Eater Courts already specialize in returning models to play and summoning more ghouls, the Chalice provides another avenue to overwhelm your foes.

In terms of painting, the chalice was actually kinda fun, if straightforward. The bones required careful pickingout, and the blood was largely done with GW Blood Angels Red and then Blood For The Blood God (because GW paint names…). It’s glossy and visceral. I dig it.

The Cadaverous Barricade pops up to either provide cover or block a charge lane. More significantly, any non-DEATH units starting within 3″ halve their movement as the grasping undead claw at their legs and tie their shoelaces together. I like that it can be used both offensively and defensively, though I’ll be curious to see how impactful it is in gameplay. A number of armies in Age of Sigmar have a “summon wall” Endless Spell – and there’s a generic one too – so I almost wish that it had a more Flesh-Eater Courts thematic effect, but it looks damn cool.

In terms of painting, the Cadaverous Barricade was an interesting challenge. It’s beautifully designed, with corpses on both sides of the iron railing and through the iron railings, impaled or having clambered through a breach in the spikes. Identifying which arm belonged to which torso (or even if it was attached to a torso) was tough in a few spots, as was working out if I was looking at a torn-open abdomen, or some tatter cloth or something else entirely. I’m sure at least one zombie thing is wearing disturbingly flesh colored pants. As with the rest of the army, I’ll tweak the “dirt” once I’m basing the rest of the army.

And just to give pal Brandon the willies, a group shot of all 12 Crypt Horrors, formed up as two units of 6. Assuming no buffs, that’s 38 attacks with potential rerolls if there’s a nearby Abhorrant, doing at least 2 damage each, on 4 wound models that regenerate damage even without their heroes replenishing their ranks or upping their damage output. Oh, and they’re Battleline in the Hollowmourne Grand Court. Now I just need to come up with the name for my own Hyshian court… suggestions welcome 😉