MCP: Unboxing Gamora & Nebula

I’ve decided to dub these two the Sisters Of Absolutely No Mercy Whatsoever. I have mixed feelings on the two characters based on their comic history, admittedly based in part on my limited exposure to them. I don’t know that I’ve read more than a few comics with Nebula in them, and my exposure to Gamora in large part stems from her time with Adam Warlock’s Infinity Watch in the 90’s, when her prime function was standing around in a swimsuit with large mesh segments and wearing a cape.

The reinvention of Gamora into a character more befitting her sobriquet as the deadliest woman in the galaxy occurred later, and the concept became the cornerstone of her portrayal in the MCU. While Peter Quill does give her a tough time when they first meet, there’s no questioning that she’s come a long way from the shallow portrayals of her early comic history. There’s a reason her two attacks in Crisis Protocol are God Slayerand Cosmic Assassin.

Nebula largely flew under my radar as a cosmic bad guy in the Marvel universe, until Karen Gillan’s reveal that at a comicon panel that she’d shaved her head for the role. So yes, I freely admit that my fondness of Nebula is almost entirely based on my being a fan of Karen Gillan from her time as Amy Pond in Doctor Who. I regret nothing.

More tokens, character cards, bases, our two heroines – nothing unexpected in the box. Our two cards are the universally useful Medpack, allowing an active character to heal three damage on themselves or someone in their vicinity, and the more specific Daughters Of Thanos. Much like Rocket and Groot benefit from being played together, our femme fatales can work in tandem. When one makes an attack, the other can pay two power to make an additional attack against the same target, outside of their own activation.

Gamora’s sprue comes with no spare part. The head is in three pieces, allowing for more dynamic hair swooshiness. That’s an official term, I heard it used by a hair stylist and everything. Assembly is quick and simple, with the model launching forward on one leg. There was a moment of dread when I noted that I’d be trying to line up two arms, already separate components from the torso, with a weapon that needed to connect at both wrists, but the shaped sockets lined the arms up perfectly.

Nebula has maybe my favourite base component out of all the models released so far. The rocket turbine or whatever it is, implanted in the pavement, is a perfect mount for the cybernetic killer. The connection point between her toe and the turbine is small, but part of the turbine’s cowl is on the same component as the connecting leg, so you don’t have to worry about trying to adhere a tiny toe tip to the base accessory. The only finicky component is the cybernetic side of her head, but it lines up beautifully with minimal effort.

Assembled, the Sisters Of Absolutely No Mercy Whatsoever very kinly pointed out that I’d missed trimming off the sprue connection from Gamora’s upper arm. That’s not embarrassing at all. Thank you, sisters. We’ll take a closer look at each once they’ve cleared the painting table, but I’m very excited to have them for my Guardians of the Galaxy roster. Waiting on Drax and Ronan now…

Gamora and Nebula are available right now from your preferred online retailers and FLGS’s. Go stab some of Thanos’ flunkies.