Miggy’s Table: Pt5 – Wash your streets

Hello fellow Losties! Hope y’all are staying safe and keeping healthy out there in this quarantine. I’m back with another entry in my tabletop creation adventures.

So now that I’ve got a stack of tiles all ready for some paint but first I need to make sure that I’m protecting the foam and compound from potential damage. You know how it is when you’re throwing eight dice with Hulk at an unsuspecting Star Lord. (Trust me, it’s a funny sight.) I needed a way to prevent wear and tear to the tiles so I turned to Jeremy from Black Magic Craft. Now, Jeremy swears by a super secret special potion that he developed by making sacrifices to the Emperor King and the Devourer Wurm. Just kidding. It’s just Mod Podge with black craft paint.

I actually bought a small tub of the stuff back in the summer of ‘19 along with some really cheap acrylic paints. It was really kind of a wonder, watching Jeremy prime and protect his projects with this stuff. So I decided to give it a shot myself. I opened up my bottle of Mod Podge and poured in as much black it could take, all while stirring to get a good blend. The color was perfect. A dark grey (or light black) base that acted like a matte varnish. Now it was time to slop this on. Only I wasn’t prepared for just how long this part of the project would take.

At first, I thought I’d use a heavy coat to speed through this only it really muddied up some of the details that I had put into the sidewalks. I decided to try using my painting experience and filled up my water mug to get my brush wet before dipping into the pot of Podge mix. This helped a lot, but took two or three coats to get good coverage. Should have figured that it was just like any painting technique that I’m used to. The final product was worth it though.

Here’s where I’d have a pic of the work in progress if I had remembered to take one. Oops! Sorry about that. The streets were also coated in this mix so you can see what they looked like down below. Moving on from this stage, I decided to dry brush some lighter dark grey on the street and paint the sidewalks.

It’s a little sloppy but that’s ok. For a first attempt it’s not bad and will still bring my games to life. Time to lightly dry brush the tarmac!

I did decide to give some tiles extra love with the paint on the sidewalks. While this did muddy up some of the details, I figured the next step was going to help.

Time to wash this thing!

Washes in painting are super great for quick shading and bringing back some recessed details to light, so to speak. I personally have stopped using washes on most of the minis I paint but that doesn’t mean I was going to use up my GW washes on the tiles. To help me save money and my paint collection, I decided to follow Jeremy’s footsteps once again. It was time to make my own wash.

Now in the spirit of being a frugal and using what I’ve got on hand, I decided to use one of my nearly empty bottles of black paint to start my wash base. I added a few drops of dishwashing liquid (helps emulsify the concoction) and a heaping load of water. Give it a shake and boom! Instant wash. Is it perfect? No, but the effect was great! The cracks and bumps that I put into the concrete that had gotten lost was brought back to life. Not only that, but it gave the tile this grimy, worn effect. I pressed on and brushed the wash over all the tiles, including some of the streets to tone down the highlights I had given them.

I let them dry off and continued adding coats of wash to ensure that I had gotten the shade just right. After that step was done, I needed to rest my arm. All the brushing got me worn out.

So until next time Losties!