Miggy’s Table: Pt6 – I love it when a plan comes together

Hello friends and fellow Losties! I’m back with an exciting update of my modular tile adventure!

So, I’ve got everything primed, base coated, and now washed. The next step is to dry brush and add some finishing touches! I initially thought that this should be fairly quick because that’s how dry brushing works. Boy was I wrong. I learned a few things from this last step.

First: I need to go back to the gym. Too many weeks of skipping out on arm day really showed. Remember how I got tired from basecoating and washing? Yeah, times that by like 3000.

Second, this needed two or three passes of the first dry brush layer followed up by a single pass of a highlight. This stage really brought out the details I added to the foam. The cracks look like they’re receded or etched into the blocks (mission accomplished!) and some of the bumps and dents are prominent. This also showcased the difference between the tiles where I removed the thin sheet of paper on the surface as opposed to leaving it there.

I think the winner is the heavily textured concrete. It just has more character to it, like a well beaten sidewalk should look. I gotta say though, it doesn’t beat the regular stuff by much. There’s blemishes, bumps, and grooves that both have which makes the overall experience better.

Right, so the concrete is done! Now it’s time to wrap this thing up! To that end, I turn to making these look like streets with all of the fixin’s. Er, road paint that is.

I decided to start with my four-way stops. There aren’t many nearby where I live (and I happen to be near a downtown area! Weird right?) so I had to look up pictures of what it should look like. I decided to paint in the crosswalk markings as well as the stop line to indicate where vehicles need to wait to turn or cross. Looking at it now, I should have put that line towards the edge of the tile. Ah well, live and learn right?

Next up were the lane stripes. I should have been a bit smarter than how I approached this. I could have laid two strips of masking tape down to allow an even and uniform line on all of the appropriate tiles. Instead, I chose to wing it. It’s messy and not all that great but it’s there which leaves me with a final product! I am finished!!!

Wait, what do you mean I’m not done? Oh! Right! Graffiti!

Yes. Graffiti. On a few of my MCP models (mostly Cabal), I included some freehand graffiti to the bases. My handiwork wasn’t so bad and added a lot of flavor or depth to these minis. So I decided to give it a shot with some of my tiles.

I didn’t want to take up too much space (or time) with this. There’s some nice depth and detail that could be quickly obscured. At the same time, I did want folks to notice these little additions. So now I have to decide what to paint, what colors to use, and how to tackle it.

I started with some lettering. It’s more nonsense than anything, I just like the color that I’m using. The next step was to give it a background and line it with black or white. Though I did end up using both, heh.

It’s not bad. I mean, it’s not bad for someone who has no clue about how to make graffiti. So I kept going and added some details to a few more tiles.

And that is it! I’ve finished the project! I gotta say, I’m actually pretty pleased with the end result. They are almost uniform and flush to one another. It looks like a gritty little slice of an urban jungle. The minis look great moving across them. I say this is a win.

Now I’ve got to wrap up the terrain from the core box and make a building or two to add some variety.

Thank you all for following me on this little adventure! And a big thanks to Mr. Gdaybloke who generously hosted these posts. I hope to do more in the future to share with y’all! Until next time, Losties!15

-Miggy Sawdust