No nerdity today.

We have bigger things to think about.

Lost Hemisphere has been built with the help of people from a variety of backgrounds. A lot of people who enjoy this blog, who I’m friends with thanks to the hobby we share – we’re connected by our love of geekery, regardless of ethnicity or creed. Right now? A lot of those same people are dealing with something I can barely fathom. I’m at a loss seeing the violence, and I’m frightened for those who are being impacted – physically, emotionally, psychologically.

As a middle-aged white CIS male, I’ve never felt the kind of systemic racism endured by so many others. I won’t pretend that I truly understand or that I can wrap my head around the enormity of what’s happening in the States right now, and around the world.

I encourage you to take some time to think about the events that have led to where we are now, and maybe what we could do differently in the future. Be kind to each other, and everyone… please be safe.