RQ: Feora the Forsaken and the Four Horseymans

On the one hand we have arguably the most ambitious woman in the Iron Kingdoms, having spent years rising to be one of the most powerful and influential individuals in the hierarchy of the Protectorate of Menoth, only to find her schemes torn asunder as the Iron Kingdoms fell apart during the Infernal invasion. On the other, we have four gremlins with macabre hobby horses, representing the riders of the apocalypse and generally causing havoc. Feora the Forsaken and The Four Horseymans are here to join your games of Riot Quest and Warmachine/Hordes.

The Four Horseymans are a Fighter class hero for Riot Quest, meaning they get access to the very appropriate Charge ability. Add in some board mobility with Ride Alongto help reposition crew mates next to treasure chests or a prime enemy that needs to be taken out, and the Horseymans become a useful support piece as well. They’re only a threat in melee, but their weapon visits their victims with The End Of All Things, stripping random cards from your opponent’s hand. Stopping an opponent from equipping their heroes with riot gear is always useful, but it also hampers their disposing of their own cards to power abilities (see Feora, below).

For Hordes, the Four Horseymans come with quite the hefty amount of card text (Thank you, War Room, and your scrolling). Four wounds make them seem deceptively squishy, but Ancient Shroud means they can only ever take 1 wound at a time from damage rolls – your opponent is going to have to dedicate four successful attacks to dropping the riders. Relentless Chargeand Repositionkeep them mobile, and Armor-Piercing and Lancegive them more punch than the P+S9 on their weapon  first appears. The real treasure is The End Of All Things.

The Horseymans literally represent the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the model has an ability for each, and a minifeat that lets them fire all four abilities for one round. Death strips Tough and healing from opposing models, Famine forces a target to forfeit their movement or combat action, Pestilencedrops an AoE on the model that debuffs opponent’s DEF, and War grants the Horsemans +2STR and Linebreaker, granting them an extra dice on impact attacks.

The Four Horseymans are a challenging model to assemble, with each of the four riders tucking into the underside of the same resin cloak. From left to right, first a Cygnaran steed with a spear. I’m going to label that one Pestilence, because Cygnarans are stinky.  Next, Death rides a Cryxian hobby horse, with the rider a separate component. War  wears a Menite helmet, and his blade is separate, while Famine taps into the Druidic Mist Riders,and his mace is part of the cloak itself.

Lostie Ben painted up his candy-apple-red Grymkin, and totally agrees with me that the Protectorate is the coolest faction to represent War. If he says anything else on social media, he’s totally fibbing.


Another Fighter, Feora is totally itching for a scrap. Like the Horseymans she has the Chargeabiliity, and while her Flamesaw may not roll any Power dice on the attack, her Flank ability means that every opponent within two spaces not only has less defense against her whirring, burny death, also against attacks from any other models in your crew. Burnt Out lets you push the odds by allowing Feora or any neighboring friendly to discard a Riot Gear card to reroll any dice that didn’t roll enough strikes. This is what I was referring to with the Horseymans’ ability to strip Riot Gear cards from your opponent, making them something of a counter to Feora’s Burnt Out.

For Warmachine, Feora has long been my least favorite Menite character in the fluff – I just don’t like her – but this model has me more excited to put her on the tabletop than any Protectorate warcaster since Vindictus. She’s built for aggressive warjack play, granting all of her warjacks… well, AggressiveHatred makes her stronger and stronger every turn, Spitepunishes opponents for dispelling her upkeeps (by setting them on fire, duh), and perhaps the most characterful ability – Watch The World Burn – strips all opposing models within 12″ of any immunity to fire. Add in a sweet spell list that includes a zot spell that just makes her angrier (and fuels her Hatred) and a battlegoup-centric feat that basically lets all of her warjacks pretend they’re Castigators by setting nearby enemy models on fire, and the potential for burnination is high with this one.

A three-piece model, Feora the Forsaken is easy to assemble. If you secure the backpack first, you can use one of the stacks as a secondary contact point for the hair, making it even more secure.

Feora is the third model painted in my “new” scheme, and I’m pretty chuffed with how she came out. I may go back and revisit the hair at a future date. The “lace” and other detail on the skirt very much brought to mind the mental image of a wrathful jilted bride, seeking fiery vengeance against those who dared scorn her. It’s a fitting aesthetic for the character in the Riot Quest universe, all of her years of plotting and scheming swept out from under her feat as the Protectorate fractured, with Durant and Durst leading refugees to Henge Hold despite Feora and Kreoss blocking their path. She was a lot of fun to paint, and I’m looking forward to marching her into pal Nick’s druids and setting them all ablaze.

Feora and The Four Horseymans are great additions to your Riot Quest crew, or can be added to your Warmachine and Hordes armies as well. Talk to your FLGS or preferred online retailer.