Warcaster: Marcher Worlds

I’ve spoken with my superiors at Iron Star Alliance High Command and we’re all in agreement that the coalition of anarchists and ne’er-do-wells that make up the Marcher Worlds are probably highly prone to returning library books way past their due dates, drinking milk right from the carton, and squeezing toothpaste tubes in the middle. They’re also one of the three factions launching Privateer Press’ Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika, which will soon be funneling out to Kickstarter backers and making their way onto shelves.

As much as I’m loathe to spread the fame of the Marcher Worlds insurgents, I’ve been instructed to provide the following images so that all true loyalists and adherents of the Iron Star Alliance, responsible for the peace and prosperity of humanity as a species among the stars, can identify these dangerous individuals and report them to the authorities accordingly.

In other, completely unrelated news, these gorgeous models were painted by Lost pal Pat, who showcases his work on Facebook at The Artisan’s Edge and on Instagram at @artisansedge.

The Ranger Fire Team are a squad of three… squaddies?, all set to sow discord and anarchy among the peaceful core worlds, those reckless sods. Two male models and one female, with obligatory goggles because of course. The detail on the models is crisp, it’s almost like these guys have over a decade’s experience producing great models.

The best thing about asking Pat if he wanted to paint the Marcher Worlds models is that he’s unwittingly committed himself to being my opponent once the game’s released and we can start gathering again. The worst thing about asking Pat if he wanted to paint the Marcher Worlds models is that no matter what I do, his army’s always going to look so much prettier than mine.

The Hunter is a three piece model, and has a dashing cape, indicating a significantly more avant-garde fashion sense than the Rangers. Does anyone even read these blurbs? I’m pretty sure everyone’s just here to look at the pretty models.

It could be argued that the true genius of the Marcher Worlds is how they managed to turn radioactive bubblegum into a power source for their weaponry and armor. Imagine being struck by a high velocity Hubba Bubba round, your world exploding in a blast of vibrant pink rose as you realize the Marchers are in town.

There are of course two models for the Coalition Weaver, one being the convention exclusive/limited edition model. The models are similar in pose and of course share the Marcher Worlds design elements, but one has a rad sidecut and the other has an awesome helmet. The limited model has been sent to the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool and will surprise one lucky recipient at some point.

The weaver staff is an interesting piece of equipment, and very distinct between the three factions we know at this time. The Marcher Worlds staff – while clearly inferior technology to the Iron Star Alliance weaver staff – is nevertheless an indication that the Marcher Worlds either aren’t quite as savage as thought., or have simply managed to steal and adapt tech from the good, loyal scientists and engineers of the Alliance. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

And then there’s the Dusk Wolf. Lotsa components, including two options for the shoulder hardpoint, and three for the arms. Naturally, one’s a flamethrower, which makes my inner Menite happy. Don’t tell my Iron Star superiors I said that. Clearly everything about the Dusk Wolf is corrupt, decrepit and an antithesis to the harmony of the good citizens of the Alliance.

In the red corner, an indeterminate number of pounds of robotic punchiness set to shoot you at long range, shoot you at short range, engage a chainsaw at close range, and if you get reeeeeally close, he’ll whisper his grandmother’s meatloaf recipe. That’s how little regard the Marcher Worlds hold for honor and tradition! That recipe was supposed to be a secret! This paragraph – indeed, this entire post – definitely isn’t anti-Marcher propoganda, as directed by the Iron Star Alliance department of definitely not propoganda. (ISA DDNP).


We’re only weeks away from Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika being in everyone’s hands (or being available to purchase if you missed the KS). I’m excited to see what people do with their color schemes, and of course, looking forward to putting those Coalition vagabonds in their place by exerting the might of the Iron Star Alliance. Now I need to get more paint on my Paladins…