Dungeons and Lasers: The Driud Was Right!

It’s a fun day when a Kickstarter delivers, isn’t it? Friday afternoon a box appeared at the maw of the Gdaycave, and I was chuffed to find a bunch of floors and walls and stuff from Archon Studio‘s Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter. This was one of the more fun campaigns I’ve supported, with the updates coming from “Roblin the Goblin”, a devious little trickster in service to Lord Bubo, master of the dungeon. The Kickstarter delivered clip-together components to create a three dimensional dungeon for tabletop roleplaying games, though I confess part of the motivation for me was having a selection of great terrain to use for taking pics of models.

The stretch goals included some great fantasy and sci-fi components to bring the rooms to life, which will also make for some great scatter terrain or base details for models. Some of the sci-fi elements will be great for my Marvel: Crisis Protocol models, and we’ll see if any find homes on Warcaster models, or perhaps I’ll finally get some 40K assembled.

The real treasure in the Kickstarter, though, is the Animal Companions Pack – “The Druid Was Right!”.

A smattering of species, most with both a fantasy and a sci-fi variant, and a few mimics for good measure. Friday night was subsumed in short order by the clipping of components from sprues, and the heady aroma of plastic cement. Now I get to show you the adorable fruits of my labors.

The three mimics in the set are a treasure chest, a vending machine, and a safe. Each has a suitably lascivious tongue, and the treasure chest mimic even has a small diamond ring on the tip of its tongue, one last attempt to lure in a victim.

Brienne the Bear comes in two modes – Cosmonaut and Spiky Viking. Sci-fi Brienne even brings junior along for the ride.

Malik the Monkey’s fantasy version immediately brings to mind the myth of the Monkey King. Sci-fi Malik’s cybernetic components make me thing of Hector from Saturn-9. No, I can’t explain why.

Gustav the Eagle is… less avian, more machine, in his sci-fi incarnation. Who else remembers the Silverhawks?

Cecile the Weasel… is actively the first weasel model (or models, I guess) I’ve ever seen. Granted’ she’s a bloody enormous weasel, but still…

Cornelle the Cat swaggers with cybernetic paws and headgear, or a stylish chapeau and pouches. He’s a cat. Swagger is a given.

Robin is a bold and dashing hero with a dagger in his teeth, or alternatively a cool fox in mirrorshades.

Geralt’s fantasy wolf was the prototype for the animal companion sculpts, and remembered his chestplate when he upgraded.

Dexter’s kinda like the Robocop of cybernetic dogs, or a well armoured valet to carry your scrolls.

Myrtle – because of course the turtle is Myrtle – gives up her carrot snack in favour of a cannon.

Snark the dragonling, Roblin the Goblin and Paulo Owlelo only have one version, but Paulo is just amazing with a scroll under one wing and a quill in the other.

Now, there was one more model in the Kickstarter that wasn’t a wall or floor or scatter terrain… a “miniature” of Lord Bubo himself, a giant eyeball thingie with teeth and tentacles and apparently a dice, because why not. You get to see this too.

This Kickstarter was backed with the intention of improving the game experience for the players I run D&D for, but of course, we’re not playing in person right now, and who knows when we’ll be able to do so again… but if nothing else, I have a horde of adorable animal companions! I may need to reread the Dungeons & Doggies rules…