MCP: Spider-Foes incoming

Were you watching yesterday’s Twitch stream? I wasn’t, cos I was at work and being a responsible adult and stuff, but those who were able to listen to the dulcet tones of the Atomic Mass crew were treated to a special glimpse of shenanigans to come. With the Green Goblin incoming, there was speculation that we’d be looking at the Sinister Six, which would promise such Spider-Men classic enemies as Rhino, Electro, Sandman, Kraven and Vulture (though later incarnations also included Rhino, Lizard, Hobgoblin and others)

Here’s the run though: Of the fifteen incarnations of the Sinister Six that formed in the main Marvel universe, Green Goblin has only featured in three of those rosters. Heck, Boomeranghas been the Sinister Six’s leader twice, while Green Goblin’s only been the leader once. While there’s absolutely no doubt that the Green Goblin is one of the most iconic opponents for our favorite webhead, putting him in charge of the Sinister Six wouldn’t quite ring true.

But having him head up the Spider-Foes, an admittedly more catch-all affiliation name for Spider-Man’s enemies, makes plenty of sense.

The Spider-Foes list has plenty of room to expand and grow over time, but the more exciting reveal here is that Carnage, Kingpin and Mysterio will be joining us on the tabletop, and the rampant speculation as to what they’ll be able to do has already begun.

Carnage will surely be slapping the Bleed token all over the place, Mysterio’s defensive tricks will likely be bananas (you can’t lay a hand on an opponent you can’t see, right?), but it’s Kingpin that has me intrigued.

Maybe it’s just from watching the Netflix Daredevil series, but the Kingpin – Wilson Fisk – is possibly one of my favorite bad guys from New York’s seedy underbelly. Hopefully his model will be released with some goons… and I think it’s understandable to look at Kingpin and think of him squaring up against the devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but he’s played a significant role as Spider-Man’s nemesis as well – to the extent that Spidey donned the black suit one more time, despite its association with Venom, to deliver what some consider one of the most brutal villain beatdowns of all time after Fisk puts a hit on Aunt May.  Kingpin’s an excellent inclusion in the list, and when Daredevil gets released at some point in the future (Surely a sign that Atomic Mass will one day give me Stilt-Man!), well, there’s only good times ahead right there.

Of note is Green Goblin’s leader ability for the team – Oscorp Weaponry.

Once per turn, while an allied character is attacking, it can spend 1 Power when modifying opposing defense dice. If it does, it may reroll 1 opposing defense die.

So not only are we looking at a team affiliation that seems geared for offense, but Green Goblin will make them all the more effective on the attack by hampering opposing defense. The jerk. I’m totally gonna shoot him with Rocket Racoon.

I’ll gladly admit that more than any other affiliation I’m looking forward to being able to field a Defenders team headed up by Dr Strange, but the Spider-Foes are a worthy addition to the game.