Warcaster: Iron Star Alliance troops

Good citizens! The Iron Star Alliance is the pinnacle of interstellar government, offering you peace and security and stability! All that we ask is your compliance. Don’t be like those dirty Marcher Worlds Coalition anarchists. Why, some of them don’t even shave! Washing their hands after using the restroom is merely a suggestion to them, not enforced for the sake of public safety like it is in the Alliance core worlds. Don’t you want to be safe from the evils of poor hygiene and unsanitary habits? Compliant citizens have nothing to fear from the Paladin squads, who are dedicated to your well-being. It is advised that you heed their instructions at all times.

The troops of the Iron Star Aliance are clean, regimented, and frankly, a little sinister. I dig the aesthetic, clean armor plates accented with glowie points all over the place. In the end I went with a scheme not too dissimilar to the studio scheme, but rather than carrying the orange glow throughout the model I decided to restrict it to the arc receivers and a few additional points, going with a blue glow otherwise. Imagine being a Continuum agent, thinking your all safe in your rodent-infested hideaway, when suddenly a smoke grenade pops, filling the room, and all you can see is vague silhouettes and points of blue light. It’s a little bit alien invasion, a little bit time to pay for your crimes against the Alliance…

The Paladin Enforcer Squad is three dedicated citizens, each with an arc receiver over their left shoulder. While they’re ostensibly armed with the same rifle, one has a bayonet attached,and another has the barrel extended, presumably to facilitate a more accurate delivery of justice to rebel scum.

I was tempted to leave the armour entirely black, but decided a little contrast wouldn’t go astray. Basing will wait until I have the kickstarter models painted as well, so I can make sure they’re all consistent.

The Paladin Commander is very similar to the Enforcers, but swaps the rifle for a blade and shield. The arc receiver sits behind the left shoulder, as with the Enforcers, but there’s an additional… sensor array? Shoulder mounted laser? Extended antenna to get better wifi reception? There’s a thingie that peeps over the right shoulder too.

A similar model gets a similar scheme. I tried painting the blade black, I tried painting it metal, then I decided that it would be yellow to match the arc receiver, as it’s going to be where he channels the arc itself to allow for better turkey carving on Thanksgiving.

The Weavers are odd models for me, not the least because of the enormous heads on their staves. Those things would be so top-heavy it’s ridiculous. Still, he’s a cool dude and his backpack’s pretty damn sweet. The hex pattern for the arc receivers receives washes or contrast paints beautifully.

As with the Paladin Commander’s sword, I decided that the Weaver’s hands would be orange as well, a manifestation point got his arc. The cyclopean eye in the center of the helmet brings out that sinister feel even more for me. He’s such a master of weaving arc that he doesn’t even need binocular vision to zot you. Loosely related, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to notice that choosing the Iron Star Alliance as your faction of choice means that you don’t have to paint faces 😉


The Firebrand light warjack is on the painting table along with a few other projects, but I’m excited to have the kickstarter delivering soon. While it sucks that we’ve got no Lock & Load this year to show off what other treats are coming, don’t forget to tune into the livestreamed Keynote tomorrow! Join developers William “Oz” Schoonover and William Hungerford Tuesday, July 7th, at 10 a.m. PST for the 20th Anniversary Keynote Stream! live on twitch.tv/privateerpress