Warcaster: The Iron Star Alliance Firebrand

With Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika shipments taking place and models arriving on people’s doorsteps, I thought it best to finish the Firebrand, to go with my Paladins and Weaver! The light warjack chassis from the Iron Star Alliance, the Firebrand’s core armament suite includes the Repulsor Shield, Fusion Glaive, Assault Rifle w/ Bayonet, Harbinger Cannon and Null Cannon. The Repulsor Shield has become somewhat iconic in images of the Firebrand, so I decided to eschew the shield on this build (I’ll build my second Firebrand with one) and went for the Fusion Glaive, Assault Rifle, and the Harbinger Cannon.

The secondary weapon pack will add more toys, but I’m pretty happy with the aggressive mix I have here. The Fusion Glaive is a high power melee weapon that can force a system failure on opposing warjack, while the bayonet on the Assault Rifle adds a secondary melee weapon. The Harbinger Cannon can strafe across multiple enemy models, and the Assault Rifle fills in as a secondary ranged attack.

The Firebrand is an entirely metal model, making it the heaviest piece I’ve worked on in some time, with plastic and resin being more and more common these days. The arms are pretty much static when it comes to posing, but you’ve got some wiggle room when it comes to the angels of the arc vanes and the legs.

Two cortex options – Jack Hunter and Reflex – come with the base weapon pack, along with the weapons referenced earlier. The Firebrand has a single shoulder hardpoint – for the Harbinger or Null Cannon – and you can mix and match the Fusion Glaive, Assault Rifle and Repulsor Shield across both forearms. The circular sockets are well suited for magnets as well.

Like the Paladins, the Firebrand is armored from head to toe in layered armor plates, painted mainly in P# Greatcoat Grey and Ironhull Grey, with little blue glowie bits all over. It’s a dark, sombre scheme, but one that works for me when I think of the oppressive, totalitarian feel I get from the Iron Star Alliance. I mean, the lawful, just feel I get as they protect the good citizens of the Alliance from those anarchists among the Marcher Worlds! No need to send a Paladin after me!

I’m still waiting for my tracking number, but I’m looking forward to getting more models painted up so I can base them all together, and then get to work putting those Marchers in their place…