AoS: Pandemic Project Update

You know that feeling you get when you’ve overcome an obstacle and the end is in sight, only to find the last step is another obstacle? After having the model stare at me judgmentally for what seems like forever, the #PandemicProject finally pushed me to finishing the Terrorgheist (well, except for basing). The Court of the Radiant King, a splinter of the Hollowmourne Grand Court resident in Hysh, just to give those arrogant Lumineth something to think about.

The largest GW model I’ve tackled in over two decades (not to mention being so much larger than the classic metal Zombie Dragon from the 90’s), finally stumbling over the mental hurdle that was the Terrorgheist means that the only kit remaining to be assembled and painted in my entire ghoul collection is the Zombie Dragon (with its attendant Ghoul King, of course). Being so close to the finish line for the project has also pushed me to make a decision re: how I plan to base the army. I’m opting for a lighter brown, dirt and rocks, starting with a P3 Beast Hide base.

Of course, achieving a milestone in the project means it was time for a new Family Photo!

The core of the army is a horde of 77 Crypt Ghouls, with 5 Crypt Ghast models so the horde can be broken into up to 5 separate units if needed. Accompanying them are three Crypt Ghast Courtiers, disseminating the commands of thier liege to the soldiers of the court.

A flock of six Crypt Flayers provide an aerial view of the battlefield, supported by a Crypt Infernal Courtier and a Varghulf, among the most powerful servants of the Radiant King.

Twelve Crypt Horrors represent the backbone of any Hollowmourne court, and can be separated into two units of 6 led by their own Crypt Haunters. Two Crypt Haunter Courtiers also run with the pack. I’ve read a lot of thoughts online declaring Hollowmourne to be the least of the four Grand Courts, but I love me some Crypt Horrors and I’ll take the option to field them as Battleline over any actual competitive edge any day.

Finally, the Grymwatch, the Charnel Throne, and all three Endless Spells – the Chalice of Ushoran, the Cadaverous Barricade and the Corpsemare Stampede.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fully painted army for either of GW’s core games. I think my Beastman army was my last one, back in the late 90’s in the old country. It’s a good feeling to be so close to being in that place again – the sense of accomplishment is real. The pandemic has been a struggle in many ways, it’s a good feeling to see something positive – albeit superbly nerdy – come out of it all.

The Zombie Dragon is on the table ready to be assembles, and then there’ll be the basing marathon to finish it all up. After that, I’m looking at TheGreatGaspy’s Nurgle plagueswarm and his lady’s new Lumineth Realm Lords to cut my teeth with this horde of yellow ghouls. Someone’s gonna get snacked on!