This month’s Paint The Target deadline is rapidly approaching (have you sent in your submission yet?) but today’s post is a blatant plug for another painting contest entirely. If you’ve had your ear to the grist mill, you may be aware of lost pal Faultie’s phenomenal Kroot army. Packed with outstanding converions, Faultie has been one of the masterminds behind the planned Siege of Pech event at Adepticon, featuring armies entirely of converted Kroot models.  A quick check of the #siegeofpech and #krootvasion tags on Instagram will show you just how far the idea has spread.

The creativity on display as the modelers assemble their “Counts-as” armies is just plain outstanding, and if you’ve got a hankering, you too can play along. Details below the cut!

From the Instagram post:


Just over a year ago, the Krootnaissance began, with hobbyists from across the world converting and painting incredible Kroot models as part of the Krootvasion begun by @that.kroot.guy. In celebration of the #Krootvasion and #SiegeofPech hashtags reaching over 1000 posts, we’re launching the first Krootoberfest Hobby Competition.

Participating in this celebration of Kroot is easy! Just make any number of Kroot and post them up on Instagram with #Krootoberfest and #Krootvasion hashtags! (And if you like the shared narrative setting, add #SiegeofPech). Krootox, Kroothounds, Knarlocs, etc. are also acceptable entries. You don’t have to follow me, repost me, tag your friends in the comments, have your gram mention me in her story, or any of that. Heck, you don’t even have to like me! But you could still win if you post your Kroot!

There will be 3 prizes: Best Conversion, Best Painted, and Random Drawing. The best converted model(s) need not be painted (although that would be cool), and the best painted model(s) need not be converted. And if you think you’re too much of a noob at converting or painting, you could still win the random drawing prize! What important is that we get more Kroot on the internet. I’ll go into more details on judges and prizes soon, but they’re all great.

So if you like prizes and birdbois, get to hobbying!

Given that I’ve been running Paint The Target now for over 6 years for the love painting, it’d be remiss of me not to wave my arms about in a silly manner to draw your attention to this endeavor to celebrate their love of Kroot. If I get a Kroot head from somewhere and glue it onto a Zombie Dragon, that counts, right?