MCP: Okoye

There are some models that just become something of a mental roadblock on the painting table. Sometimes it’s a case of being intimidated by a model, not being confident your skill level is sufficient to do it justice. Sometimes it’s the opposite, and a model just doesn’t enthuse. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting past the voice in your head saying “You need to paint Danai Gurira”.

My past comic experiences usually serve me well when it comes to MCP characters, but my exposure to Okoye is pretty much limited to the movies. She cemented her badassness in Civil War with one line, and her roles in Black PantherInfinity War and Endgame have made her a well-deserved fan favorite… but my main time with Okoye as a character has been through Marvel: Puzzle Quest on my phone. While I’m well familiar with her Vibranium Spear, a match-3 phone app did not prepare me for a braided tabard and my experience with painting darker skin tones is similarly limited.

Once I got over the mental hurdle and put brush to model though, she painted up beautifully. The lines of the model are easy to follow with a brush, and a simple wash picked out the braiding on the tabard beautifully.

In terms of play, Okoye is cheap. Threat 2 means she can be squeezed into almost any list that could use a bodyguard to protect a glass cannon.

Her basic strike -and- her basic ranged attack are both free to use, and both generate power. Her Vibranium Spear Thrust punctures opposing armour by negating one of their defense results, and gets backed up by a followup Strike for free.

She’s harder to kill than it would immediately seem with General of the Dora Milaje and Martial Artist stacking to let her reroll a defense dice while also adding blanks as successful defense rolls. Bodyguard is the main reason to take her though, as she can redirect an opponent’s alpha strike onto herself. Granted, as a Threat 2 character you should expect her to be able to do it all day long, but if if keeps one of your power hitters from being sucker-punched, then it’ll have been a decent investment.

Okoye is available in a two-pack with Shuri, from your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Pick up your spear, it’s time to get stabby. Yibambe!