MonPoc: If it quacks like a duck – Yasheth

As the painting projects continue and we delve deeper and deeper into the pile of shame at the Gdaycave, models that joined the stash some time ago are finally seeing their time on the painting desk. One such model is Yasheth, Keeper of the Dread Lexicanum and unabashed IKEA devotee. The second monster for the Lords of Cthul, Yasheth is a tricksy devil who starts out floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, before kicking up the vampirism in the late game.

Yasheth believes in getting up close and personal, striking with Brawl attacks. His wickedly long talons pierce through enemy armor with Penetrator, while Vampirismhelps out by healing Yasheth whenever he damages an enemy monster. Getting stuck in melee can be dangerous, but Side Step lets him advance 3 spaces whenever he’s missed by an attack. This works both ways of course – risk some incoming fire and get bonus movement forward, or dodge an uppercut to reposition out of melee if needed.

Once he flips to Hyper form, Yasheth commits more to the fight by ditching Side Step, but picking up Lightning Attack for economy of actions, allowing him to get additional Brawl attacks. He still reduces opposing defense with Penetrator, but switch vampiric gears by ditching Vampirism in favor of Siphon. No more healing, but whenever he hits an opposing monster, they lose a Power Die and he gains one. If you’re packing decent unit support, Arcane Voidmeans he also grants Siphon to any allied units on the table, allowing you to potentially keep your opponent’s power pool woefully empty.

As a bonus, Yasheth is one of the models where I still have the original Monsterpocalypse models, allowing for some comparison pics, showcasing the difference in scale and model detail, along with some bonus dust on the bases of the older models.

“You can’t win, Yashethkin! I have the slightly higher ground!”

While Ulgoth remains absent from my Lords of Cthul stable, having Yasheth painted means I can field him with Cthugrosh for a mono-faction force, deliciously breaching reality as the Elder Things carve their way through our subconcious and bring about the downfall of mankind, as it was foretold in the prophecies…

You can, of course, snaffle your own Yasheth from your FLGS, preferred online retailer, or direct from Privateer Press. Now, who’s next on the painting table…