MonPoc: Unboxing Rastaban

The world is a warzone. Giant monsters from a dizzying array of factions have declared your planet the center of a cataclysmic conflict that threatens to shatter the surface and destroy all terrestrial life. Humanity’s defenders are just as monstrous as its attackers – enormous apes knuckle up to cosmic horrors, shadowy megacorps duel with mystic juggernauts and aquatic leviathans rail against invaders from another world.

You? All you really wanted was a fresh bagel, but no, now you’re hunkered down in an alley as a silvered ninja, twenty stories tall, parries a blow from a giant biomechanical worm thing with clamps.

And then? Space Dragons.

The Draken Armada entered the Monsterpocalypse with Gallamaxus, but he was a reanimated, dead monster controlled by the nefarious Necroscourge. Now the Armada is arriving in strength to bolster the defenders of Earth. Rastaban is leading the incoming wave of space dragon reinforcements, clad in green armor and bearing the seal of leadership on his chest.  Given the difficulties of designing a crown that would fit consecutive space dragon heads, what with their individual horn arrangements etc, it only makes sense that it’s a wearable medallion of sorts.

In our ongoing quest to dump the contents of boxes onto the table, Rastaban has become the latest victim of our whimsy. The body and wings are resin, while the legs, arms, tail, and head are metal. Will the enormous reptilian commander win my affection, taking the place of Hammerklak? Unlikely, but nevertheless, let’s look a little closer at the components.

While the resin struts on the wings seem a little obnoxious, they clip off easily and line up with smooth, squared surfaces, so cleanup is easy. The body has two resin channels to be clipped off; one will be partially obscured by the legs, and other sits on the underside of the tail and won’t be visible once he’s secured to the base.

And now this looks something like a depiction from the Necronomicon… No surprises – two complete legs, two complete arms, and a head with a separate upper and lower to account for the giant dragon maw. Oh, and the tail. The ridged retail on the legs echoes the ridging down the torso, a very nice touch.

Once the legs are in place – shaped sockets to help you align them – they can be positioned to rest flat with the tail providing additional support. You may need to do a test fit or two to line up the metal tail end to the resin, but it’s all pretty straightforward in the end.

Finally, you end up with this magnificent example of Draken Armada ingenuity and armament. Power sinks drain energy from your foes as bladed wings fire shards toward you enemy, grasping claws to snatch that bagel you were thinking of when you started reading this post.

Rastaban is the first monster for the Draken Armada (since we don’t count Gallamaxus), and unit blisters are on the way to reinforce him. Hit up your preferred online retailer or your FLGS to get your mitts on some Space Dragon goodness.