Paint The Target

Isn’t there a song about September rain or something? Precipitation seems to inspire lyricists, but not out painters! Well, not this month at least least. Throughout August many of us had GenCon on  our minds, and Genevieve – the draconic mascot – set the target for us. Scaled overlords sojourning from distant mountains, or furrowed brows in positions of powers of insular empires with draconic regimes, painters were encouraged to reach out and touch their scaly sides. Let’s see what we ended up with!

Monkeybrains managed to avoid being scooped out at the start of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but the boss of the dungeon doesn’t care how “Super” you are when you explore his catacombs… the resculpted Starfire, the original boss of SDE!

I feel like Mother of Squigs is falsely advertising, cos this ain’t no squig… but from that little blue tail peeking out behind the robes, it’s clearly a blue dragon wyrmling in disguise.

NotThatOne tapped into his reptilian side, with two gators. One of them appears to be frolicking in chocolate pudding with chunks of mint candy, and I’m not entirely certain of the significance of the caramel pool, but with all of those teeth I’m sure some of them had to be sweet.

PeteF identifies as a warjack that identifies as a dragon. Hence the huge bore flamethrower. Given that warjacks don’t actually have lungs, an arm-mounted method of “breathing” fire is justifiable.

49 tells me these are the members of a dragon cult. The big green fellow at the front certainly leans into the concept.

When Seth told me he was educating his young’uns, I had no idea that lessons included assessing threat levels from green dragons. That just TPK’d the entire team. And made his daughter cry when she realized she’d need to roll a new character. Sometimes, the most important lessons about giant flying lizards can be the most painful.

SimonS’s Nuo-Koa Seraph saved all of his pennies to afford those frost dragon gauntlets. That’s why he can’t afford to get a sensible haircut. Sadly, the accounting firm he applied to was looking for a more traditional CPA, not one that could carve his initials into the glass tabletop.

“Dragons” has one letter o. “Dragoons” has two. That’s how dedicated Prophaniti is to his vowels. Or should I say, Proophaaniitii. Austrian Hussars may not strictly speaking be dragoons, but they have muskets, which makes them dragoon-adjacent.

Godtear continues to deliver some fun models with a variety of aesthetics, such as Tavis’ pair here, modelling the fines jewellrey from “Halftusk’s Discount Gold Emporium And Massage Parlour”

GALLAMAXUS!!!!! Monsterpocalypse has given us space dragons, and Wallorspin has painted accordingly.

Now, dragons normally have scales. Lostie Ben’s does not. It does have leathery wings still. Maybe it’s a bat? Or maybe it just has a skin condition… the condition being that the skin is absent. Along with the muscles. And any internal organs.

EricG believes in the classics. Behold the majesty of the red dragon, admire his clean claws! Hygiene is important, regardless of species. Getting bits of adventurer stuck in there can lead to infection.

We mentioned dragoons already, right? I’m pretty sure Fiendil’s dragon knight would have met the criteria regardless. That said, the direction of the scales on that barding… I wouldn’t want to slip!

Dieson told me the tale of a pygmy troll who wanted to ride a dragon, but wasn’t willing to sign up with Everblight to do so. Instead, he paired with a dire troll who threw barrels of highly volatile fluid, as a substitute for breathing fire.

Squaring off against all of these dragons is the legendary Saint George, with his mighty lance! Wait, Saint George wasn’t a goblin, was he? And would have ridden a horse, not a squig… dammit, KrrNiGit’s bamboozled me again!

While the kit can also build the zombie dragon, the draconic elements of the Terrorgheist are pretty clear. Lonelymonk isn’t quite as lonely anymore, with this thing screeching in his ear at 4AM.



So many reptiles, so few prizes.Well, one. True to our Highlander spirit, there can be only one winner, and this month it’s EricG. All hail his colossal red dragon, lest it turn is into burnt croutons. Toss me your address, Eric and I’ll get something on the way to you from the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool.


I was looking at the Shrine of the Lawgiver, and it reminded me how awesome some of the terrain pieces I’ve seen via the Brush Wielders Union have been lately. Terrain may not be everyone’s bag, but it’s an important part of gaming… and so is being able to counter it. The keyword for September is Landscaping. Whether you’re building terrain or laying it to waste, let’s see what you’ve got. From buildings and catacombs and forests to missiles that leave enormous craters, chainsaws and axes to lay waste to the forest, siege weapons and tools to breach their walls, or perhaps a model with a skeleton key to sneak past their fortifications. The theme’s open to interpretation, show me what you’ve got.

Send in your pics of newly painted shinies to by Noon EST, September 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end.