Trollblood CID on the horizon…

While I am now and ever will be a devout Menite, praise the Lawgiver, I’ve been known to dabble in other factions, and we’re on the cusp of seeing just what Privateer Press has in store for one of my favorite Hordes factions, the Trollbloods. Possessed of some of the most fun models in the entirety of the Warmachine/Hordes stable, the trollkin have long help a special place in my heart, ever since I put Grim Angus at the tail end of Mk1 and was determined to prove that you could play a functional Trollblood gunline.

Every watch Mk1 Dartan Vilmon try to achieve anything while surrounded by Pyg Bushwhackers who, moments before, had CRA’d into the opposing deployment zone? It’s a good time.

Like most factions, the Trollbloods have three sub-factions, and try to my whimsical nature one has always been my preference. The classic, tribal Kriels are cool and all, as are the Northkin, but the idea of the professional military trollkin led by Gunnbjorn has always made me smile. Now, with Gunnbjorn2 en route, supported by models like Riot Quest’s Generals Ledfoot and “Thunderstone” Brug, will we finally see the Trollkin Sluggers being a strong choice?

Yesterday’s announcement:

CID announcement news!

Hey all. The Trollbloods CID is just around the corner, and there’s some news and announcements I wanted to share with all of you.

1.) The existing CID forums had a major technical … well meltdown. Our IT dept worked on various fixes, and ultimately, they had to completely erase the old forums. All the old posts, and user accounts, are gone. Though the URL will remain the same.

2.) This means that I am rebuilding the forums from scratch, which is taking a bit of time. My goal is that the CID will begin next Wednesday, on 9.16 and run through the end of month (perhaps a bit longer or shorter, depending on feedback). However, rebuilding the forums can end up having some unforeseen consequences so, there is a chance that start date slips. I’ll let you know.

3.) This also means that all of your user accounts on the CID forums are gone. Anyone wanting to participate in CID will need to register a new account. Which we will begin approving closer to the start date of CID.

4.) Like the Legion CID, this is going to be a no-battle-reports-accepted CID. The pandemic hasn’t gone anywhere, and just like before don’t want to encourage gatherings in those areas where they are not safe. The Legion CID went incredibly well, even without battle reports, so we have the proof that this can work in a constructive and positive manner.

5.) This CID is a Trollblood CID, not a Farrow CID. While there is a new Farrow model introduced, and Farrow are usable in the new theme force, we did not want to split our internal playtest resources between the two Factions and this CID. It would not do proper justice to both factions to do so. Expect 99% Trollbloods in this CID, and know that Farrow changes are on our radar, we aren’t ignoring them. I couldn’t give you an ETA on when anything Farrow  related might occur, there are previous updates that have been delayed due to 2020 that are still in the queue.

Anyway, there’s your news blast for today. I’ll be back in touch once we are closer to knowing if 9.16 is definitely going to be the CID start date. Things are looking really good that it should be, so I’m hopeful.

Until then, be safe, and always boost if you need a 7+


While I long for the days when we’d be able to buy a new faction book and get the thrill of being surprised by new model entries rather than knowing what’s coming in advance, I’m hopeful for what the CID brings us. More than anything else I’m hopeful for warbeasts that support the professional military aesthetic conceptually. Right now we have Dozer & Smigg and the Blitzer. None of the light warbeasts, as fun as they are, really fit the concept. This may be a reflection of the more tribal roots of the faction, but if the Skorne can outfit a Cyclops with a flayer cannon, I’m pretty sure Gunnbjorn can work out how to upgrade an Impaler’s arsenal, maybe by borrowing a cannon from the Ogrun Assault Corps.

What are you looking forward to most in the CID?