MCP: Nebula – Daughter of Betrayal

Who else remembers when Nebula had long, black hair? Just me? Ah well, that’s what I get for being old. The re-envisioning of Nebula for the MCU took one of my favor Dr Who Companions, shaved her head, and turned her into a angry cyborg. In the comics, Nebula had claimed to be Thanos’ granddaughter, but we’ll forgive the writers for tweaking the backstory since it gives us the whole MCU Nabula/Gamora sisterhood redemption arc.

The model was very simple to assemble, though there is some small flexibility once she’s fully assembled based on the small contact point between her left foot and the grounded turbine she’s leaping around. A more static pose would have allowed for more security, a second contact point, but I’m still confident that the model is secure and in the end it’s a great looking, dynamic pose.

She was a fun to paint, experimenting to find the purple tones I was happy with. The purple down the center of her face is a thinned version of the same purple used on the knees and thighs. The grey straps are easy to pick out for contrast, and the only point of the model that was finicky to paint was the cybernetics framing her left eye.

In terms of play, Nebula’s low threat value of 2 means she’ll be easy to pop into a slot to fill those last couple of available points. A low threat value also means she’s rarely going to be a win condition, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a valuable asset to your roster. Her immunity to Bleed, Poison and Stun could take some of the wind out of your opponent’s sails, as could her Cybernetic Enhancements, allowing her a defense reroll and healing her a point of damage every activation.

Assassinmeans that she’s very one-track-minded. Nebula can’t interact with objectives, but she gets to reroll attack dice against targets that are holding or contesting objectives, making her a precision tool for scenario play. Both her basic melee and ranged attacks – Strikeand Blaster Pistol– generate power, and her Shock Sword Assault can give you some sneaky repositioning by placing her to within R1 of her target after you’re already shooting them from up to R3 away. This means you pew pew from R3, and can then place yourself on the other side of the target an additional R1, to interfere with charge lanes or to get herself out of trouble.

I wouldn’t want too rely on her holding off a heavy hitter like the Hulk, but when it comes to ping-ponging around the table like a razor-edged squirrel, for a mere 2 Threat, Nebula’s a fine supplement to your roster.

Nebula, along with her sister Gamora, is available through your preferred online retailer or FLGS. There’s stabbery to be done, and she’d like to get on with it. Who are you to say no?