MCP: The Man Without Fear

Daredevil – the Man Without Fear – has been a Marvel mainstay for decades, with some great stories and a rogues gallery that includes big names like Kingpin and Bullseye, and less big names like Gladiator and Stilt-Man. The silver-tongued Matt Murdock has a thing for the ladies, including Black Widow, Elektra and Typhoid Mary, but let’s be honest: One of the smartest things he ever did was switch the yellow eyesore that was his original costume for the classic red. There’s been a few variants over the years since, including a predominantly black version and the awful suit with layered shoulders. but when Atomic Mass announced that he’d be joining rosters for Marvel Crisis Protocol, there was no question in my mind that he’d be monochromatically red once he left my paint table.

There’ve been some excellent works appearing on social media that have changed the base to a grassy look to that the headstone looks more at home, and a few folk have removed the cable, but I secured the cable to the back of the leading hand for extra stability.

Daredevil is the latest high-mobility hero to swing onto the table, his movement of L and Wall Crawlerhelping him get around the  board as needed. HIs defensive stats are 3 across the board, but Radar Sense means he treats blanks on defense rolls as successes, so he’s more resilient than he might first seem.

His basic strike stuns targets if he rolls a wild, and as a reaction he can pay 2 power after being attacked to fire off a Strike thanks to Man Without Fear. This does mean that he can potentially score that Stun before the attacker swings at him with their first action, making them pay more power for their second action. It should be noted, though, that he can only use Man Without Fearuntil his card flips, when the power changes.

Baton Hook is a nice ranged attack that ignores LOS and cover, but more importantly it pulls the target S toward Daredevil, making it an excellent tool for pulling a target away from an objective, or into into range for a teammate’s swing.

Devil’s Deliverance is a dark reflection of Baton Hook,pushing targets away from Daredevil. This is an area attack that starts with a low strength of 2, but the dice pool grows for each enemy in range. If you can place Daredevil in the right spot, this could result in a thorough drubbing for a mob of foes.

I mentioned earlier that Man Without Fear goes away when the card flips; it’s replaced with Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, which allows Daredevil to use his Strike or Baton Hookattacks against a target within 2, though if he rolls any skulls he takes a point of damage in the process. Note that while it’s an active power, it doesn’t take one of his two actions to use, so you can keep firing off extra attacks as long as you have the health and power to fuel it. Flurry of blows indeed…

Daredevil leaps from the rooftops in a pack with Bullseye, available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Strap on the spandex and grab your billy club, someone needs to keep the streets safe…