MonPoc: Zybanos and the Bastion Lander

Who said two heads are better than one?? Well, actually, I’m pretty sure Blastikutter did, and as a representative of our new Subterran overlords, I’m pretty sure I can take him at his word. Clearly, so does the Draken Armada! While our first encounter with the enormous space dragons was the corrupted Gallamaxus, their leader Rastaban assures us that they’re actually here to help humanity combat the Monsterpocalypse, and his field commander Zybanos has entered the fray with both heads blazing. Wait, that didn’t sound right…

Today we’re cracking open Zybanos and the Bastion Lander, the Draken Armada’s terrestrial base.

Zybanos has more metal components than any other monster we’ve unboxed to date.  A resin torso is the core of the  model, and the only other opportunity for metal I can see would be if the tail was a separate metal componnet as well. Instead, we get four arms, two legs, two necks, and two heads (well, upper craniums – the lower jaws are part of the necks)

Assembly was slow, allowing each component’s glue time to cure. I started from the  bottom and worked my way up – legs, then lower limbs, them upper, before finally attaching the necks. I secured the heads to the necks before secuding them to the body. The two head pieces are identical, but the connections on the necks yield one open and one closed jaw. The two neck connections to the body, however, are not interchangeable.

The fully assembled Zybanos just wants a hug… and, a little to my surprise, stands on own, depspite the amount of forward-thrust metal. A base won’t go astray, of course, but I as impressed that they balanced.

Layered armor plating runs down the necks and back, with some nodes for opportunities for OSL painting experiments. All in all a solid addition to the Draken Armada arsenal.

The Bastion Lander, much like Zybanos, comes in plenty of pieces. The central tower acts as the core, while the four outliers are identical, so there’s no concert of misassembly.

Able to reduce the cost of units and also to help with positioning by letting a unit anywhere on the map advance an additional two spaces, the Baston Lander’s tactical value to the Draken Armada is evident. Clearly, Hammerklak’s going to have to destroy this one in short order.

Both Zybanos and the Bastion Lander are available from your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Of course, i recommend you invest in our Subterran Overlords instead of these alien lizard invaders, but I guess someonehas to try to defend humanity. Ugh.