Warcaster: Collision Course Kickstarter

Earlier this week we saw the launch of the second Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika kickstarter, bringing new models to the three factions launched with the first kickstarter, and bringing the Empyreans into the game full-force, with a command box (starter), and faction-equivalent entries matching those released for the Iron Star Alliance, Marcher Worlds, and Aeternus Continuum. If you backed the last kickstarter, your reinforcements are here! If you’re interested in getting into the game, you’ve got some great options including all of the starters! Let’s take a peek…

Warcaster: Collision Course is the first expansion for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. The initial kickstarter introduced us to the Thousand Worlds in the Cyriss galaxy, the refuge of humanity during the Infernal invasion. Finding a new home in the stars, humanity took root and spread like the bipedal cockroaches we are, and over the subsequent five thousand years technology grew and developed, and the glorious and righteous Iron Star Alliance set about making everything hunky-dory for everyone. Then those filthy Marcher Worlds anarchs set about messing about with everyone’s peace and quiet, and it turns out that the Aeternus Continuum were busy being sneaky bastards and stirring up grief in their quest for immortality. All in all, it’s been a buys few decades for the good citizens of the Iron Star Alliance putting those ne’er-do-well Marcher and Continuum louts in their place.

What? Showing factional bias? Me? Perish the thought 😉

The Old Neighbours Show up

Collision Course introduces the Empyreans to the game. The humans have been resident in the Thousand Worlds of the Hyperunanion for approximately five thousand years. Before they moved in, the Empyreans called it home. Well, truth be told, they build it in the first place, but were driven out by the human settlers. Now, they’ve decided they want their planets back.

Alien and inscrutable, the Empyreans are looking to take back their creation, and they’re not averse to unleashing all sorts of tentacley robot unpleasantry upon the human factions to do so. Humanity has been draining arcanessence – the very lifeblood of the Empyrean’s spiritual existence – faster than it can be replenished, and frankly they’ve had enough of humanity’s shenanigans.

The Empyreans will be getting a command box (pictured above), along with a heavy warjack, heroes, additional units, and the Zenith, their first vehicle. Or in their case, high velocity weapons platform, I guess.

Fuel for the Fire

The three factions of humanity – the Iron Star Alliance (Yay!), the Marcher Worlds (Boo!) and the Aeternus Continuum (I’m not sure they actually exist) – will each be reinforced with new units, new solos, and their own vehicles: The Interceptor, the Razorbat and the Scythe respectively.

Iron Star Alliance: 

  • Interceptor
  • Morningstar Variant
  • Morningstar Additional Weapons
  • Paladin Defenders (3)
  • Paladin Siegebreaker
  • Doctor Myra Hurst

Marcher Worlds:

  • Razorbat
  • Strike Raptor Variant
  • Strike Raptor Additional Weapons
  • Ranger Infiltrators (3)
  • Warder
  • Corebus

Aeternus Continuum:

  • Scythe
  • Nemesis Variant
  • Nemesis Additional Weapons
  • Vassal Raiders (3)
  • Raker
  • Harlan Sek, the Curator

But Wait, There’s More!

Additional options will be available through the Quartermaster – A rewards store, with content purchased with credits earned via stretch goals. These include models for character pilots for each faction’s vehicles, faction themed defensive mantlets and objective markers, scatter terrain, additional weapon packs for your warjacks, and variant sculpts of key solos.

There’s a lot of models and options available through the kickstarter, but perhaps one of the nicest features is that if you’re not interested in any of the models, you can get your hands on the new rules – and a pack of two dozen additional cypher cards – for a grand total of $10.00, at the lowest pledge level.

Collision Course is live, and accepting pledges until Friday, November 6th. The project funded in about an hour and a half. Talk to your FLGS about maybe putting in a Retailer pledge, or follow for yourself. The stars await.