Warcaster: The Baron and the Justicar

As the future unfolds in the distant Cyriss galaxy, heroes and villains arise as the Iron Star Alliance and Marcher Worlds compete, the Aeternus Continuum works in the shadows, and the Empyreans return to claim what was once theirs. While it’s true that every hero is a villain in someone else’s story, sometimes a villain is just a villain to everyone. Justicar Voss is a hero to the Alliance and a villain to the Marcher Worlds, whereas Baron Moorgrave… well,he’s just pretty much a dubious character to all and sundry.

Justicar Voss is judge, jury and executioner to the conquered worlds of the Alliance. While his arrogance is well earned thanks to his martial record, his ambition has driven him to be the youngest to receive the rank of Justicar in the Alliance. Answering only to the Septarchs and the Supreme Concordiat, Justicar Voss is both feared and admired… depending on which side of the galactic conflict you’re on.

A four piece model, Justicar Voss is simply assembled, with both sword arms secured through sockets on the shoulders. Same for the arc receivers, which are interchangeable. The real question is, who does his hair?

Baron Cassius Moorgrave has enjoyed a longer lifespan than would seem reasonable in polite company. Some would suggest this is due to a clandestine affiliation with the Aeternus Continuum, but no-one in a position of authority has been able to find evidence, and so the Baron remains in a positionof power and influence. The truth of his longevity is far more sinister, and may or may not relate to his feeding off the souls slain by his blade…

A three piece model, Baron Cassius Moorgrave is stepping down and welcoming you to come forward into melee range. Alternatively, put a skull in that outstretched hand and you’ve got a Shakespeare devotee re-enacting Hamlet’s soliloquy.

While Voss and Moorgrave arrived at the Gdaycave via the kickstarter, Warcaster is rolling out to FLGS shelves as we speak, with starter sets appearing on shelves last week. The second kickstarter, Collision Course, is also online right now.