Warcaster: The Iron Star Alliance starter

The stars belong to mankind, led through the legendary gate millenia ago, the worlds of the Hyperuranion gifted to those first settlers by fate, chance, and destiny. The core worlds are kept safe from threats both internal and external by the diligent work of the Paladins, safeguarding the citizens of the Iron Star Alliance. Or something like that. With the Warcaster: Collision Course kickstarter underway, it’s time to look at the models that made their way across the border and to the Gdaycave, conveniently arriving last week just when we’re set to expand into the next wave of model additions. Empyreans? Hush that talk, lest the Paladins brand you a rumormonger.

The starter box comes with a whole bunch stuff, from the strike dice to the sleek rulebook, an array of cards and a selection of tokens. Every model comes in a paper bag, as opposed to the plastic blisters we’re used to, a more environmentally concious option, and the crinkly noise when I open them up drives our parrotlet nuts, so there was much chirping when I was looking over all the parts.

The set came with a set of fluff cards detailing different regions, the fluff cards for each model entry, the stat cards for each model entry (and the weapons for the warjack), and a deck of cypher cards to load into your rack.

We looked over the models in the starter, painting up the Iron Star Alliance infantry and the Firebrand (while pal Pat painted up the Marcher Worlds starter models), but the starter also gave us a pair of metal void gates! I’m going to have to ponder exactly how I want to paint up the swirliness.

In the meantime, the kickstarter delivered more than just the starter box -the Paladins have been reinforced by an Aegis and a unit of Annihilators.

The Aegis is a four part model, and each of the three ancillary pieces connects independently. There’s plenty of contact points, and there’s no need to gluing a separate arm in place and trying to line it up with the force generator or an errant shoulder. I -like- models that are easy to assemble! That said, the cable around the left thigh didn’t perfectly line up with the gun when I had the left wrist connected. A little bending may have been in order.

The Annihilator squad have single piece torsos, their arc receivers, and their cannons. Test fit each before gluing – the two Annihilators shooting to their left are similar, but not 100% identical. Make sure you attach the correct cannon.

Fully assembled, they’re such handsome agents of the benevolent establishment, and happily reinforce my choice of faction in that their fully enclosed helmets mean I don’t need to paint faces. These guys will be making their way onto the painting table in due course, along with several other ISA models that arrived with the Kickstarter, including a Morningstar…

And of course, you’re all in the loop on Collision Course already, right?