Warcaster: The Morningstar

Sometimes those darn no-good Marcher Worlds anarchists and rebels just won’t lie down and cease their insurrectionist tendencies like a good citizen of the Alliance, even after the Paladins ask nicely with their bayonets. A quick chirp through the vox-com and the solution is on the way: The Morningstar. More than a heavy weapons platform with a side of righteous  buttkickery, the Morningstar represents law, order, and a decent helping of enforcing the will of the Justicars, be it via Starburst missiles (no-one really likes the yellow ones) or up close and personal via the heavy fusion glaive.

With more cards than any other box I’ve opened thus far, it’s only reasonable that the Morningstar also has more components. Six weapon options and two head choices come with the A Variant, while the B Variant will have additional, alternative weapons for your loadout choices.

I won’t like, the orange art makes it a little awkward identifying the components from time to time, but that may just because I’m slowly going blind in my dotage. The Deadeye and Defender heads (Cortexes)  come with the A Variant, while the Dauntless and Exchanger will come with the B Variant. Note that there’s a lot of weight in the metal model, there’ll be some pressure on the joints accordingly. You may want to consider pins for the hip and shoulder connections.

The Null Cannon, Harbinger Cannon and Starburst Missiles are shoulder mount options, while you can choose your combination of the Heavy Fusion Glaive, Assault Shield and Seeker for arm mounts.

Given that I went for the Defender cortex in my build, allowing the Morningstar to spike to redirect attacks toward itself, the Assault Shield was a must, and the Heavy Fusion Glaive seemed a natural companion, as well as an oversized echo of the Paladin Commanders and their glaive/shield combo. The Starburst Missiles just look really cool, so that was reason enough for them to find their way onto one shoulder, and the Null Cannon’s combination of excellent range and ability to strip arc off of opposing models makes me happy.

And yes, I know I’ve got the shield on the right arm and the glaive on the left. Maybe my Morningstar’s a Southpaw, did you think of that? No. No you didn’t. I just really liked the visual, so I ran with it.

The Collision Course kickstarter continues for another week or so, and Warcaster is appearing on FLGS shelves. Take a peek, consider why the Iron Star Alliance is the only true faction for loyal humans, and why the Marcher World scum should have their rebellious urges ground out of them under a volley of Starburst Missiles. Just not the pink ones.