MCP: Judge, Jury, Executioner – Ronan

It’s not easy being a comic hipster. Sure, I loved Spider-Man and the X-Men and all that jazz, but I found a bizarre measure of joy in cruising Artist Alley at comic convention and collecting sketches of lesser known characters. Beta Ray Bill and Stilt-Man were the top of my list, but I had a battery of alternatives, including Black Bolt and Ronan the Accuser. Then Jae Lee wrote the astounding Inhumans arc, and the royal family of Attilan gained prominence with the Illuminati and the War of Kings. Then the Annihilation Wave shone the spotlight on Ronan the Accuser, he married into the Inhuman royal family, and of course, he was the bad guy in the immensely popular Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Long story short. Ronan the Accuser went from being an occasional Avengers/Fantastic Four villain to suddenly having a much more fleshed out backstory beyond “He’s like, an arrogant alien Judge Dredd without the charm”. Heck, I even saw a cosplayer at GenCon (as the MCU version). Still, when it all leads to my favorite Agent-of-the-Supreme-Intelligence turned Outcast-Pariah turned Ruler-of-the-Kree-Empire making his way onto the tabletop, I’m not going to complain too loudly 😉

Ronan swings in heavy at 4 Threat. Hardly surprising with his being one of the select few that can wield the Power Gem. His basic melee Strike deals out a healthy 5 damage dice, and will also Throwanyone of size 4 or less. Our boy has oomph. He has a free ranged attack with Universal Weapon, which adds insult to injury with a Push and the Shock condition.

If he feels like firing off something special, Kree Justice is shorter range but causes both Stun and Stagger effects, as well as potentially damaging other nearby enemy models if the dice are in your favor.

Judgement is a reactive power, and lets any enemies who dare damage Ronan or one of his pals that they have been found wanting. While the Judgementcondition is on a model, that model cannot gain power when damaged by enemy attacks. This can dramatically hamper your opponent’s ability to respond to your assault.

The Accuser is also reactive, and more than a little spiteful, allowing you to get the last word in before Ronan is KO’d or Dazed. Whoever dares deal sufficient damage to bring the Accuser low will find themselves the recipient of a retributive attack before Ronan goes down.

One of the heavier hitters on the Guardians roster (Gamora being the other Threat 4 and Angela being Threat 5), Ronan is also the only Guardian other than Groot over Size 2, protecting him from a number of opposing movement effects (pushes, throws). Even if I wasn’t a big fan of the character himself, his potential for board control shenanigans combined with his size and damage output make him one of my first choices for a Guardians roster. Then we can consider adding the Power Gem, just for giggles.

Ronan the Accuser is available in a two-pack with Drax the Destroyer (because it really doesn’t count unless your name is followed by “the Something”) from your FLGS and preferred online retailer. Between the two of them you’ll also have more opportunity to use more green paint in one painting project than you have since you painted The Hulk.