MCP: One Track Mind – Drax

Imagine waking to find that your mental capacity had been reduced to being borderline imbecilic, but you’d been made virtually invulnerable, immensely strong, and given one purpose: To kill the mad titan, Thanos. Then, imagine at a time with an army of insectoids from the Negative Zone were making their way across the cosmos devouring entire galactic empires in their wake, you undergo a metamorphosis. Much of your strength, size and invulnerability is gone, but you’ve regained a focused intellect and  a pair of knives, along with a human tween female named Cammi.

That’s pretty much what happened to Drax the Destroyer. Genetically manipulated to be a titan-slayer, he lost all of his memories of his time as a human (yes, sorry MCU fans, per the comics Drax was once a human being, and father of the Avenger Moondragon to boot). During the Annihilation event (an excellent read) Drax was reborn, given his own limited series, and became the surly combatant we know today. Gone is the purple spandex and cape, welcome sensible pants and things to stab with.

Building Drax was very straightforward, painting him more of the same. His tattoos are minimized somewhat on the model, and clearly delineated and thus easy to trace. It’s always easier to paint green skin than trying to match a standard humanoid skin tone too.

Drax is about 120% a melee fighter. You want guns? Pick up Rocket or Quill. His Blades roll a respectable 5 damage, and inflict Bleedon the target. If the target already has Bleed, he gets to reroll two of those attack dice, significantly upping your chances of a palpable slice. His second attack is the very affordable Headbutt, which rolls less damage but can both Stun and push an opponent away. His third – making him one of the very few characters with more than two basic attacks – only rolls 3 dice as a base, but rolls an extra dice for every damage token on Drax, and can throw opponents as large as the Hulk.

In case you weren’t done throwing things around, The Destroyer lets you redirect urge to send opponents skyward, into lobbing dumpsters at people. I’m sure the sanitation department will be grateful for your efforts.

Drax has a solid 12 health total, and I Can Take It makes him even more resilient by reducing the damage he takes from any enemy effect.

His last ability, Driven By Vengeance, showcases was a vengeful, spiteful sod Drax can be. When he’s damaged by an opponent, he can mark the attacker with a vengeance token. When he attacks a marked opponent, he rolls 3 additional dice. Now, imagine Bullseye has thrown a buckets of nails at Drax and done 5 damage (because, you know, Bullseye). Drax marks him, and comes swinging in with Titan Killer. 3 base dice, 5 additional for the damage on Drax, and then 3 more for the vengeance token, and while you’re at it throw Bullseye into the side of a building. You’re going to need to borrow some dice from your opponent…

Drax the Destroyer contends with Gamora and Nebula in a competition to see who’s the stabbiest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he comes in a two-pack with Ronan the Accuser. Hunt them down at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.