MCP: Unboxing Angela and Enchantress

In the one corner, a mistress of manipulation who’s been a thorn in the side of the Avengers for decades, her obsession with a certain blonde hammer wielder driving her to more and more fanciful schemes – Amora the Enchantress! In the other corner, a refugee from the Spawn universe, retconned into Asgardian lore faster than Hermes himself, who isn’t part of Asgardian lore anyway – Angela the… um… Angela!

Yes, much like out European friends, the distribution error in some parts of Canada resulted in an early release for these two femme fatales, and I was lucky enough to be able to complete my Guardians of the Galaxy roster by picking up the set.

I’ll freely admit, my comic reading background is letting me down with this box. I haven’t read a comic arc with Angela, and those tales of the Enchantress I’ve read were much older stories where Amora’s characterization was little more than “Oh, why doesn’t Thor love me? I must bewitch him!”. Such stories are a product of their time, when female characters were often portrayed as little more than eye candy, damsels in distress. Even the supposedly more powerful/capable antagonists lacked in development or agency in the early days of Marvel. As one of the more powerful spellcasters in the Marvel Universe, Amora deserves more than that.

Bah, you caught me ranting. On with unboxing!

Two sprues, bases, a token sheet, character cards, and three team tactics cards for  your enjoyment. Season as needed.

The pack gives you one Asgard affiliation card, one Guardians, and one generic. Rainbow Bridge has a lot of potential – any and all Asgard-affiliated friendlies can spend 3 power to teleport within R3 of their current position. Grievous Wounds strips a target of the ability to heal or remove damage. Lovable Misfits is a little more complicated, with random results. All Guardian friendlies can spend 1 power to roll a dice, resulting in a free bonus attack, damage to opponents holding objectives, bonus movement, or a PBAOE stun affecting the acting character and every other character within R2.

Enchantress comes in twelve pieces, and assembling her is a very straightforward task, with the possible exception of working out her placement in her little smokey bit.

Let me point out that having her stepping forward from green wispy smoke is 100% in character for Amora, adding a sense of her regal, otherworldly presence, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. That said, images seemed to present the optical illusion that she’s walking down the mist toward the leading edge. Rather, she’s stepping across the mists, with the flow of the smoke being almost perpendicular to her stride. Still looks fantastic, mind you.

Angela, on the other hand is 16 components, and assemble was surprisingly easy. Contact points are generous, and everything goes together beautifully.

Case in point, check out the left arm. No trying to push a flat piece against another flat piece, like some models shoulder joints. Rather, the shoulder pad rests on top of the upper arm, there’s a rod/groove to ensure it’s correctly aligned, and the arm under the shoulderpad meets against the bindings nearer the elbow. Then end results is a joint between components masked by surrounding sculpt, with generous contact for a secure fit.

The only part of Angela’s assembly that had me furrowing my brow slightly was working out how the ribbons align with each other, but the little support on the base resolved my ponderance in a matter of moments. The model is surprisingly secure/stable up there on her ribbons, and looks fantastic. There’s a little mold line cleanup due before she hits the primer, but I’m looking forward to adding this heavy hitter to my Guardians roster.

Angela & Enchantress are scheduled for release in January 2021, though thanks to distribution errors some regions had them available for early release. If you weren’t able to score an early release, you’re set up to begin 2021 the right way with these two joining your rosters.