MonPoc: Voyaka 099

I can’t be the only one who watched Pacific Rim and thought Cherno Alpha was a freaking amazing machine. The idea of thousands of tons of cold war era soviet tech stomping around in an enormous jaegar with absurdly thick armor plating made for an amazing visual and one of the highlights of the film. When Privateer announced the Zerkalo Bloc for Monsterpocalypse, a little part of me squeed.

Carving through dimensional barriers, the Zerkalo Bloc hail from a world where the cold war ended very differently than it did in our own universe. Voyaka 099 is the spearhead of an incurion, a walking battleship bristling with an array of cannons and a chest-mounted brace of spotlights (There are five lights!).

The main hun fires shells 6′ across, while the forearm-mounted secondary batteries provide smaller fire – while still enormous – ammunition capable of shattering an opponent’s chitin or piercing through to the foundations of a building. Closer to the groups, an array of cannons are mounted on each leg for use as anti-personnel weapons. Woe betide any G-Tanks that find themselves singled out by Voyaka 099’s targeting systems.

The main gun is metal, as are the forearm cannons. The waist is also meta, bringing down the center of gravity a little, but with wide feet and generous contact surfaces with the base, I’m not at all concerned about the model tipping. Resin legs, torso and arms reduce the overall weight of the model, though as with any resin product there’s some cleanup required to remove resin channels et al.

Hulking slabs of riveted steel stalk across the city borders. There’s nothing subtle here. Just a cold, brutal, crushing end for any foes foolish to stand in Voyaka 099’s path. Inevitable as gravity. No fanfare, no pomp. An honest end, if nothing else.

Chatted with Nekuraizou about schemes for Voyaka 099, and in my head I envisioned either a military drab green not too dissimilar to the studio scheme, or a light grey/white. Red would also work if you wanted to carry over the Khadoran feel, but the next morning he sent me the end results of his efforts on his Twitch stream. Boom.

Voyaka 099 is the first of the Zerkalo Bloc monsters to march through into the Monsterpocalypse, but he won’t be the last. Hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer to get your stomp on.