WMH: Blight Archons

Imagine that you’re a functionally immortal entity. You and your siblings had a big spat with dad, and when the neighbours didn’t like you hiding out in their shed they whupped your butt so bad that it led to a series of events resulting in your controlling the twisted, mutated forms of an entire culture of winter elves. You’re basically a disembodied voice in the heads of a select few, a high priesthood if you will. No wonder you think of yourself as something of a god.

Now, imagine you’re doing your thing, kicking it in the crib with a fresh bowl of popcorn and an “I Love Lylyth” marathon is about to start, when suddenly those other gods – you know, the ones who didn’t earn it like you did – start manifesting among the mortals as they squabble, in the form of divine archons.

What bullshirt is this, you declare? Why weren’t you included on the heavenly conference call where physical manifestations of divine power was on the agenda? Those bastiches left you out! Such doo-doo-heads! Fine, you decry, tossing aside the popcorn and rising from your barcalounger. I’ll make my own archons! With hooks and arcane glow!

This is pretty much what I imagine when through Everblight’s disembodied consciousness when the archons started manifesting. Now he’s had some time in  his workshop, and the Blight Archons have been unleashed on an unwitting world.

Despite the impressive wingspan, the model is quite light, being assembled mostly from resin components. There’s a little cleanup required, as is to be expected, but some clippers and a sharp hobby knife make it nice and simple. The metal components all socket in nicely, with a little wiggle room in the arm and wing joints to allow for some flexibility in posing angles to suit your preferences.

Fully assembled, the Blight Archon is a flying, 8pt, cannon with a 17″ threat range boostable, auto-corrosion POW 12 spray, shooting at RAT 7. Sure, she has boostable melee attacks as well, but the 10″ spray template can cover a lot of targets. Did I mention that enemy models within 10″ lose corrosion immunity too?

She has Fury 5, which means you’ll need to treat her like a lesser warlock and assign her a warbeast or two in her battlegroup so that she can top up after casting one of ther spells – Crimson Ballet, Dragon’s Blood or Impending Doom – and of course, being able to transfer damage elsewhere will help keep her on the board longer as well.

Lost pal Nekuraizou painted these two on his Twitch stream. Have you not been following it? You maybe should, it’s good times and he’s good folks.

If you’re beholden to the Everblight’s whim, contact your FLGS or preferred online retailer and grab a [air of Blighted Archons so you can show those other uppity deities what-for.