Lines in the sand: Challenge yourself.

As we stare down the barrel of 2021, we’ve all got a lot on our minds. Dare we hope that we’ll pull out of the pandemic? Will we be able to gather with our nerd pals and get our game on? Is it finally time to learn to crochet? No matter how you’re approaching the coming year, one’s thing for sure: 2021 has promise… but only as much promise as you give it. 2021 isn’t going to be ‘better’ than 2020 all on its lonesome. With commitment and effort on our part, though, we can make it something special.

While 2020 was certainly challenging in a number of aspects of my life, it was a decent year for getting things painted. After 20 years, I finally have a fully painted Warhammer Fantasy Battles Age of Sigmar army again, after selling my old ones off when I left Australia. My Monsterpocalypse models have seen love, there’s a bunch of Marvel Crisis Protocol and Riot Quest models in the display cabinets, and I managed to paint up some minis for D&D too. I even managed to start painting models for a 40K army, though there’s still a lot to be done there. Running Paint The Target every month has helped keep me motivated and painting as I get to see the models you’ve been working on, dear readers.

But it’s a new year now, and time for new project planning.

As a member of the Brush Wielder’s Union, setting painting goals for the year can lead to getting a sweet pin at the end of the year, if you can meet them. The BWU Discord community works to encourage and support everyone throughout the year. As much as I’m needing to keep room on the painting table for models to be painted for blog articles and the like, goals have been set.

Goal the First: One (1) Warcry Warband. Gramut posted about his earlier this week, and it’s a game I’m hoping to be able to play with pal TheGreatGaspy at some point. I could field a warband of Crypt Ghouls from my Age of Sigmar army, but I was given the Untamed Beasts warband and I’d like for our “reunion” game to be the best experience it can be, so painted models are a must.

Goal B: One (1) Blood Bowl team. I used to be all about Blood Bowl back in the old country, and I picked up the new edition when it was first released a few years back. Now there’s a new, updated edition, and pals 49 and Anatra – who don’t actually know each other – are both all in on the shenanigans. Like Warcry, when we can game again, I want to be able to field painted models. Everyone knows painted models roll better.

Goal III: One (1) Brawlmachine list. After years of championing casual, ‘for fun’ play for Warmachine and Hordes, I can’t express how excited I am that the Line Of Sight lads are working so hard to create and playtest a format that’s specifically geared to a more casual audience. The most fun events I ever played in at The Hobby Kingdom (may its dice roll in peace) were things like Thunderdome and other such silliness. I have models from several factions in boxes in the basement, and this seems like a great motivator for getting some more of them painted.

Goal Delta: The Zombie Dragon w/ Ghoul King for my Flesh-Eater Courts. Literally the last model I have for the army. I made it through painting the fully assembled Terrorgheist (now there’s a model that should be painted in subassemblies) and now I need to work through its kit-mare, the Zombie Dragon. Will I field it? Who knows, but while I can field a disturbingly large swarm of ghouls as it stands, this is the last model to be done before I can truly put the project to bed. It’s intimidating, and not as much fun to paint as, say, Ulgoth will be, but he needs to get done.

These goals are by no means the final word on my painting table. I paint slow, because I’m old and stuff, but there’s always room on my table for Monsterpocalypse (ULGOTH!) and Marvel Crisis Protocol and some assorted chibis from Ninja Division. Plus one of these days I’ll need to paint Loribela from Judgement, and who knows what Shoshie’s going to produce this year.

Setting goals for yourself, be it Paint The Target, the Brush Wielders Union, or even Paris’ Paint Chips, can help keep you motivated and on track to being well prepared to make the most of your gaming experiences when we come out the other side of this, or if you’re in a country where they’re on top of the pandemic, can just help you make the most of the hobby.

So ask yourself – what do you want to get done this year?