MonPoc: Gausamal

Dragons come in many forms. While there’s the obvious disparity between European and Asiatic dragons, there’s various subcategories. A drake? Four limbs, no wings. Amphithere? Long, sinuous body with wings, but no limbs. Wyvern? Two hind limbs, wings as the forelimbs (and one of my personal favorite draconiforms). I’m not 100% sure how to categorize the latest of the Draken Armada’s colossal alien commanders for Monsterpocalypse, but it’s Gausamal time. Oh, and some of his smaller pals.

A massive serpentine creature, Gausamal is in constant motion and incredibly hard to pin down. Her sinuous motion is hard to target from a distance, and don’t even think you’ll be able to just grab her and throw her around. The sheer devastation she can unleash is intimidating. Oh, with with Constrictor, she’s a hugger… OF DEATH!

Gausamal’s core is made from two resin components, with shaped connections to keep things aligned as needed. The head comes with two … let’s call them horns, there are two shoulder fins to go over the arms, and a bladed tail. For cuddling.

All put together, Gausamal is a beautifully dynamic piece, winding on her base and lashing out with her armored talons.

Fully assembled there’s very few spots that will be a challenge to access to paint. I will note that the shoulder fins sevure to the body, not to the arms themselves. You’ll find recesses for them to line up in. Definitely my favorite of the three Draken Armada monsters.

The Stalkers and the Mystic make me both happy and sad. The Stalkers are physically wyverns, and as stated above I love me some wyverns, and the Mystic evokes mental images of naga and subaquatic mer-wizards. That said, they’re the third unit blister for the Draken Armada, while my beloved Subterrans still languish with only one. Curse you, surface dwellers!

Each is a two piece model, easily assembled. The Mystic’s spear can be aligned to contact his tail as well, making for a more stable connection.

The Draken Armada has arrived in full force to help combat the Destroyers of the Monsterpocalypse, but will they be able to stand against the Savage Swarm as they mobilize with the new starter coming out later this year? Until then, I’ll just need to give them a good run for their money with Ulgoth… once I’ve got him painted.