Necromunda: The Monarchs reign

Many moons ago there was an MMORPG called City of Heroes. I played it a lot. Once PvP was introduced, some of us set up a little fun PvP league, 5×5 matches. I wasn’t that good at it, because, well, it was a competitive thing and we all know I’m about as competitive as celery, but it was a lot of fun. My crew were the Kings Row Monarchs, and we were resplendent in burgundy and gold. Roll it forward to umpty years later, and it’s time to paint up a Cawdor gang for Necromunda. The new models have come a -huge- way since the models of the 1990’s, and while the aesthetic’s been twisted somewhat, the zealous rabble of Cawdor still appeal… and it amused me to think of the bottom feeders of Hive Primus styling themselves as kings of the refuse dumps. Hence, the Kings Row Monarchs ride again, after a fashion.

After ogling some of the weapon parts available and hearing that the jury-rigged combination polearm/firearms were the business, a starting roster was assembled. This may well change once House of Faith comes out later this year and Cawdor gets the special treatment some of the other houses have already seen, but if the pandemic lets up and allows us to gather for gaming before the book is out, I’m ready for shenanigans…

Canute leads the Monarchs, defying the tides of filth that flood the depths of the Underhive. His long rifle allows him to deliver his edicts from afar and should any question his orders, well, nuts to them. Specifically, the enormous nut on a chain that he wields as a flail.

The twins, Ramon and Berenguer, ascended together. Ramon’s violent temper often leads him into the fray with his chain glaive, while Berenguer’s calm, calculating demeanor is better suited to lining up his crosshairs across the battlefield.

No congregation survives without ranks of the faithful. Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar are each armed with polearms jury-rigged together with firearms to deliver judgement both near and far.

Baldwin and Ptolemy both show promise, but they’ve yet to prove themselves. Time will tell if they’re truly worthy to be recorded int he annals of the Monarchs.

  Bonus: Charles is not yet part of the Monarch’s lineup, but credits are being squirreled away until the gang can afford to recruit an ogryn. The storm welder is a bonus…

We don’t know when we’ll be able to game in person again, but when we can, the Monarchs will be ready to reign. I’m chuffed to have another painting project completed. There’s still a couple of unpainted gangers, another ogryn and two ambots, not to mention a swarm of bomb rats in the bins, but being able to field a fully painted gang in that first game will be oh, so sweet.

Next project!