Reinforcements have arrived

Some days you go to the mailbox and there’s nothing but flyers and an electricity bill. Other times there’s a mysterious box containing a bounty of paints! Since the closing of my old FLGS, it’s been a challenge getting new P3 paints without driving to neighboring cities, and we’re not supposed to be sojourning on pigment quests. Many of the newly released paints have been absent from my palette simply because there was nowhere immediately local I could nab them. This travesty has now been remedied.

The following have been added to the arsenal:

  • Amethyst Rose – Looks like it’ll pair beautiful for shading Skorne Red
  • Asheth Grey – Will it betray me? Do I need to paint with one arm when using it?
  • Bad Bruise – A beautiful deep indigo that reminds me of bruise makeup I wore in high school for a play
  • Bogrin Brown – A great base tone for yellow-brown leathers
  • Boiler Black – Pig Iron has been demoted as my dark metal go-to
  • Bog Moss – A lovely bilious green
  • Beaten Purple – This I already had a pot of, but the new one seems lighter? Did the recipe change?
  • Deathless Metal – Dark yet lustrous
  • Eldritch – A greener tone that will share space with Meredius and Arcane Blue
  • Galvanized Steel – I’ll experiment with this. Looks like a light grey, but it’s a metallic?
  • Gravedigger Denim – The core of any good set of dungarees
  • Mage Hunter Green – I dropped this paint pot twice in a 5 minute span. It clearly boosts its dodge rolls
  • Meaty Ochre – Hands down the best name for a yellow paint I’ve seen in yonks
  • Orgoth Bronze – The third dark metallic in the mix
  • Inferno Orange – … a Menite named this, didn’t they
  • Sickly Skin – A very pale green-grey, perfect for the pallid dead

And then there’s a selection of inks. I am very interested in comparing Caspian and Kossite flesh wash. To date I’ve mainly relied on washes from Citadel’s range, but working with different skin tones is a thing, and I can’t just use Citadel’s flesh wash on every tone. Our hobby is very heavily dominated by the same basic skin tone. P3 paints have given us several tonal variants, and Idrian Flesh is very much a favorite of mine to work with,

I don’t see myself pulling a Lonelymonk and spending 20 hours transferring my collection to dropper bottles, but I really am quite chuffed to have new colors to work with, and excited to be able to show you the end results as I work through my painting goals this year.

What painting projects to you have on your docket? What paint lines are you leaning into?