3AM Aeternae (and Falcir!)

Bonus points to whoever gets the reference in the title. The Retribution of Scyrah was one of my two main factions for Warmachine/Hordes for a long time. My Autumnfall (as I dorkily referred to them) started coming together the moment the Retribution first released at the tail end of Mk1, and they were the first army I took to a convention (Templecon). Rahn, Vyros and Kaelyssa led me to many victories – Rahn’s in the banner image for the blog for a reason – and I took great delight in fielding Hydra and letting them snipe targets across the board under Vyros’ Birds Eye. While I am a dyed-in-the-wool Menite, the rhythm of Ios beat through my subconscious.

While the Autumnfall may no longer be residents of the Gdaycave, I was nonetheless keen to assemble an Aeternae myrmidon, the first non-character Heavy to join the Iosan stable since House Vyre’s initial wave of heavies.

Following House Vyre design standards, Aeternae wields asymmetrical melee weapons, along with a shoulder mounted ranged weapon. It’s worth noting that the box art has the Distortion Voulges reversed and in the wrong hands.

The kit comes with the full standard Vyre heavy kit so more spare Daemon/Banshee/Sphinx parts, along with resin components for the head, Force Cannon and Distortion Voulges.

Assembly is straightforward, just make sure you angle your upper arms into the forearms so that you’ll be able to angle the voulges as you choose. Dry fitting ism, as always, your friend. It’s also worth noting that there’s a little nubbin under the head to pop into the neck socket… which looks suspiciously like the gem on top of the head. This means that it’s totally possible to try to glue the head on upside down, if you’re not paying attention. Feel free not to spend too much time thinking about why I noticed that.

I’ll admit I wasn’t initially sold on the long barreled Force Cannon, but once its balanced out visually by having the Heavy Distortion Voulge in the left hand, I’m in. I angled both voulges outward suggesting that the Aeternae is at rest or perhaps firing on a distant foe – it’s a RNG14 cannon with Armor Piercing, if you’re not using the gun at some point what are you doing?

And then there’s the new kid on the block.

House Ellowuyr of Ios is known for a great many noble reasons, such as the quality of the soldiers they produce or their unique style of armor. Falcir herself is neither well known nor noble, but she is one the House’s most powerful assets. Those who know of her call her “The Merciless,” but these words do not do justice to the true nature of this warcaster. Falcir is House Ellowuyr’s executioner, and she is brutally exceptional at the task.

Falcir is no simple headsman. She is an executioner of individuals, ideals, organizations, and even armies, and she is called to duty when every hint of a threat must be removed or when a point must be made to the enemies of Ios. She does not accept surrender from foreign soldiers nor does she allow them to flee. To face her is to face one’s own meticulously planned and inevitable demise. Falcir calculates every angle of a conflict, every possible outcome, and ensures her forces have a plan to deal them swiftly.

When battle ensues, Falcir’s force of will manifests as strange symbols, “bounties” that hover over her foes, marking them for death. In no more than the blink of her eye, these symbols will shatter, unleashing all manner of arcane mayhem onto those marked, all as Falcir had planned.

Falcir comes in five metal components, because a Retribution Warcaster without some sort of fin or node on their back is just… well, not following the standard design process. Like Aeternae, Falcir comes with her mechanikal voulge, Iconoclast. P+S13 Weapon Master damage with the potential to reroll a cruddy result if you’ve placed a bounty token on the target?

Falcir’s dramatic pose has a decent degree of swoosh, but I can’t help thinking she’s going to whip that length of cape in her left hand up and around her lower face to do a full Vincent Price Dracula thing. Blah! Blah! I’m Here To Remove Your Head! (intense eyebrow waggling)

The bracer slots into a recess on the pauldron so there’s not much wiggle room to re-angle Iconoclast, and the entire weight of the arm is on that connection. I found that there was enough contact to provide a secure connection, but pinning is an option.

Both Aeternae and Falcir have hit stores to reinforce House Ellowuyr and the Retribution. Ios isn’t going to defend itself against those Skorne, you know – get to the barracks and marshal your troops. If you find your barracks empty, check with your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

Unrelated, this is the most I’ve used the term Voulge since D&D games in the early 90’s. Now I  need something to come out armed with a bardiche…