40K: Unboxing Leman Russ

As someone who digs into games based on their lore, I was thrilled when Privateer Press started Skull Island Expeditions, breathing further life into a setting that I already loved. When it comes to depth of lore, though, it’s tough to beat Games Workshop’s immense library of tales of the Warhammer world and the Warhammer 40K universe. In the grim darkness of their future, there is only enough novels to choke a Leviadon.

With the Horus Heresy being essentially the Big Bang of the 40K setting, the insurrection that set brother against brother in a cataclysmic conflict that threatened the stars themselves and established the eternal war between the defenders of humanity and the legions of Chaos, it’s no surprise that the setting has been very successful. With a series of novels and an entire variant on Warhammer 40K supported by Forge World models, players and fans have been able to enjoy a more retro design to familiar model concepts (you know, as retro as something set in the 31st Millenium can be), but more notably, they can field the Primarchs of their chapters themsellves.

When pal 49 scored the models for Lemun Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, and two enormous Wolf-Kin to run with him, clearly it’s an opportunity to crack open the boxes and look at the components.

The two Wolf-Kin models come in a 20-component set, packed in blisters inside the signature black box. Conveniently showcasing their feral potential, both models come with scenic base elements that include unfortunate members of the Thousand Sons legion in the process of being mauled.

“Said to be companions of the Wolf King from his earliest days as a foundling upon the bleak desolation of Fenris, these two creatures are beasts of prodigious size, formidable intelligence and a physical power that beggars belief in purely ‘natural’ creatures of their type. The guardians of the Wolf King’s hearth, from time to time when he calls they follow alongside him into battle as they may, ripping apart the hated foe limb from limb.”

Leman Russ himself is no less well presented than his Wolf-Kin. 26 resin components make up the full kit, including an assortment of decorative accents to adorn Russ’ wolf pelts and heavily studded and engraved power armor.

The model comes with a dual-stage scenic base – a larger 60mm scenic display base, and then a smaller 40mm inset base that can be removed for gameplay purposes (or if you just want a smaller display). Both bases feature iconography of the Thousand Sons, depicting Russ during the burning of Prospero when the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons clashed.

“Master of the Space Wolves Legion and Lord of icy Death World of Fenris, Leman Russ was an incomparable warlord, ferocious beyond measure and faultlessly loyal to the Emperor and his Imperium. Known as the Wolf King and the Lord of Winter and Ruin, as undoubtedly as savage as Leman Russ was, he was also wise beyond his Legion’s barbaric appearances and self-aware to a degree few guessed at, which made him doubly dangerous.”  

Assembled model pic courtesy of Bell of Lost Souls

The Primarchs seem to have caught the attention of a number of locals, with Lion El’Jonson recently leaving pal Pat’s painting table and Konrad Curze currently en route to pal Tyler’s domicile. I’m excited to see what 49 does with his Leman Russ, and while I myself won’t be working on any Primarchs any time soon, Gabriel Seth is primed and waiting until I can clear space on the painting table. Who knows, maybe 49 will get this guy painted in time for this month’s Paint The Target 😉

Centerpiece models can be a very rewarding challenge to work on; it really doesn’t hurt that they can unleash all sorts of heck on the tabletop as well. After painting your 30th intercessor, pick up a character model and go to town.