IKRPG: Figuratively speaking

While most of us are still limited to playing remotely, there will come a time when once again we can gather in the hallowed basements, dining rooms and rec rooms of our nerd pals to engage in in-person roleplaying shenanigans. I’m really enjoying running D&D for my players online, but I can readily recognize that it’s just not the same experience as playing around a table together. One key component of this is the ability to use physical maps, tokens, and – surprise, surprise – miniatures.

Privateer is of course keenly aware of this, and made a wide variety of models suitable for representing roleplaying characters available as part of the Kickstarter for IKRPG: Requiem, but as comprehensive as the list may be, it’s by no means the be-all and end-all of your options.

Consider: The Iron Kingdoms boardgames and their expansions. Undercity and Widower’s Wood are a great resource for bulk models suitable to represent characters and the mobs they’re going to come up against. Undercity (and its expansions) may be more suited for Iron Kingdoms adventures, but if you’re planning on taking your party into the wilds, then Widower’s Wood will add plenty of tatzylwurms, bog trogs and gatormen to whet your appetite. (Get it? Whet? Cos they’re a bunch of wet swamp gribbles? Bah, I’m wasted here…)

Consider: The Grind boardgame. While it wasn’t a huge success in and of itself, if you’re looking to make a custom steamjack the components inside are perfect, never mind that you’ll be able to build ten warjacks, a mix of heavies and lights, for less than the cost of two heavy warjack kits. You may have to go hunting to find a copy, but it can be worth the dig.

Consider: Mini-crate models. A number of the models released would make great player characters, notably the Morrowan Battle Priestess currently available as a VIP model. Granted, finding a place in the party for the Gorghadra Plushie or Di Wulfe In Sheep’s Clothing might not be an option, but the Sloan Ranger and Lady Wraith would both make potential gunslinger characters, Issyria would make a great noblewoman spellcaster, the Shield Sister is pretty obvious and you can’t tell me the Disco Infernal wouldn’t make a fantastic Bard/Warlock. You can find a full list of the Mini-crate models here.

Being able to have a visual representation of the character you’ve forged in your imagination elevates the gaming experience to new heights. No longer just a bunch of numbers scribbled on paper, there’s now a tangible avatar on the board. Never mind that, as someone who enjoys the hobby side of things, you get to paint you. And of course, you can always reach out to some of the amazing artists in the community to commission a character sketch as well…

What sort of character are you thinking of playing?