Colouring outside the lines

When I started playing Warmachine, I marveled at Privateer’s models in their studio schemes, but I knew I had to paint my own models in a more unique palette. When I picked up my Flesh-Eater Courts for Age of Sigmar, same thing. Riot Quest, Necromunda, Guild Ball – I bypassed studio schemes for something of my own concoction wherever possible. The only exception was 40K, and even then I had to eschew the headliner marine chapters and go for a successor chapter so I’d be working with a slightly less common look. Then came Marvel Crisis Protocol, and the guys from Atomic Mass were all “You can paint them any scheme you want!” and something in me said “No, I can’t…”

The models for Crisis Protocol represent some of my favourite fictional protagonists and antagonists, images burned into my brain over decades of comic reading. To paint them in schemes that didn’t at least approximate their traditional costumes would somehow be sacrilege, muddying and somehow despoiling the memories of laying in bed as a feckless youth, reading about the Armor Wars and the Dark Phoenix Saga and more… wouldn’t it?

And then I was staring at the enormous face of MODOK, and I had an idea that I just couldn’t shake…

What if MODOK wanted to rock and roll all night, and party every day?

MODOKISS was made for lovin’ you, baby, setting heaven on fire as the tears are falling… and so far, Kingpin’s got his oversized mitts on at least one drumstick. I’ve giggled to myself many times, looking at that grimace, but now I’m left pondering who to use to fill the remaining two slots in the lineup.

Venom’s the obvious choice for The Demon, but then, that’s -too- obvious. I’m thinking Toad will be much more entertaining, and the current front runner for the Star Child is Green Goblin, another model with an unobscured face suitable for makeup and, coincidentally, giving me three of the four band members sharing the Criminal Syndicate affiliation. Will they play well together on the table? Who cares, this is about having fun with a painting project 😉

Fighting the befuddled voice of teenage Gdaybloke (and even 20’s and 30’s gdaybloke) to paint models with such iconic visuals in anything other than their traditional schemes is apparently really easy if I come up with a silly enough concept…



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  1. Avatar Chris Mac
    Chris Mac says:

    I could see Thanos as the Demon 😀