MCP: Unboxing Cable and Domino

Ah, Rob Liefeld, you have so much to answer for… from what was clearly an undisclosed promotional agreement with extraneous pouch manufacturers and the weirdly large energy gun lobby to a mysterious loathing of feet.  Despite his odd depiction of musculature and skeletal function, he did give us our first visuals of Cable, the time-travelling Summers cyborg who looks older than his dad and can pack more in his pouches than Batman does in his utility belt. He also had a hand in the creation of Domino, but Cable’s the headliner, despite Domino’s amazing portrayal in Deadpool 2.

A grizzled veteran of an apocalyptic future, Cable hit the ground running with the first incarnation of X-Force. Guns, explosives, a cybernetic arm and a glowing yellow something-or-other in the puckered scar of his ruined left eye socket. It was some time before his familial link to the Summers boys was revealed, same with his latent telekinetic ability. Now he’s a headliner, Deadpool’s best buddy, and defacto dad to Hope Summers. For a guy who was essentially just muscles, guns, belt pouches and attitude, he’s intrinsically intertwined into Marvel lore.

Domino was introduced as little more than a support character for Cable, but has evolved over the years into a very competent mercenary with her probability alteration powers helping things work out in her favor. The best thing about her may well be Zazie Beetz’ portrayal, but with her current role as an intelligence operative for Krakoa means there’s more to her story yet to unfold.

With the box introducing a new affiliation in X-Force, there’s a few more cards in this one than usual. The affiliation card is a given (and has us awaiting Colossus), and there’s a new crisis card – S.W.O.R.D. establishes base on moon’s Blue Area – which immediately has me thinking of the Inhumans hiding out there in Attilan. Recalibration Matrix costs 3 power and resets the attack, forcing both attacker and defender to reroll all dice. Warpath lets you reposition a friendly model moving them closer to someone who’s attacked an ally. Dirty Work and Cat And Mouse are both X-Force stamped. The first rewards X-Force characters for taking out the highest threat enemy model, the second allows you to sneak a model R2 away from its initial deployment before the shooting starts.

Cable’s sprue was a surprise – I had no idea there was an alternate, no-cape build .There’s optional pouches and grenades, and of course you can leave the shield off the base, but you can also leave the cape off, and strap an extra gun across his back instead. Given how Cable is always about having moar gunz in my headcanon…

… extra gun was the only way to go! Also extra pouches and shoulder grenades, because of course.  Assembly was straightforward, though positioning the belt pouches was a little fiddly, as were two of the flares from the shield, but plastic cement bonds everything nicely. I’m really happy with this model and looking forward to it finding room on the painting table.

Domino’s sprue is less complicated, though the base explosion being in four pieces was a surprise. That said, it assembles seamlessly and looks fantastic. The head is in two pieces – front and back – but the only fiddly component is the tiny belt grenades.

Domino is a freaking great model. Just surfing on a ground explosion, pistols at the ready, not a concern because she knows she’s going to land safely, or that the blast is going to put her in position to shoot around her target’s defenses, or whatever. May the odds be ever in your favor? That’s not even in question when Domino’s involved.

Cable and Domino have burst into your FLGS and are looking to bodyslide onto your painting desks. Reach out to your store or preferred online retailer.