Skittles of Death 2.0: The Untamed Beasts

Let’s be honest, Games Workshop does a pretty solid job of marketing their new games and building up hype, generating FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – for their boxed games. It really doesn’t help that their model production is top tier, and their designers somehow manage to pour some real variety into concepts when they put their minds to it. Case in point, Warcry – where they managed to create some beautifully distinct warbands for base level chaos cultists, along with a game that gives a taste of Age of Sigmar with a much smaller model commitment and some super sweet terrain.

When Warcry was released I was lucky enough to get the Untamed Warbeasts from the core box thanks to pal Brandon, and the warband made it onto the to-do list for this year’s Brush Wielders Union goals.

They’re still pending basing, but following the “Chris likes painting colours” rule that gave us my “Skittles of Death” version of Warhammer Underworlds’ Sepulchral Guard, the Untamed Beasts are ready to make their opponents taste the chaotic rainbow.

The Heart Eater wears yellow to represent his dedication to… um… none of the chaos gods really focus on yelllow, though Tzeentch has some. Maybe he just really likes custard? His two Prey Takers wear red helms, possibly because they’re fans of actor Ed Helms.

The Rocktusk Prowler has inspired his Beast Speaker with his orange mane. Technically, I guess the Beast Speaker is the Crazy Cat Lady of the tribe, but with her barbed whip and bone dagger I’m not going to argue with her.

The First Fang is blue, da-ba-dee-da-ba-da, and ready to harpoon any of the Iron Golems that get within range. He’s backed up by three Plains Runners, who are green because… well, they’re greenhorns. One day they hope to grow up to a more defined position in the tribe, but the mortality rate at the Eightpoints is pretty damn high…

It’s taken me longer than I’d originally hoped, but the Untamed Beasts represent the completion of the first of my four Brush Wielders Union painting goals for the year. Still on the list are a Blood Bowl team, a Brawlmachine list, and GW’s Zombie Dragon – the final model for my Flesh-Eater Courts. Of course, I’d have to stop getting distracted by Marvel Crisis Protocol, Riot Quest and other random models that catch  my magpie attention….

Still, one project done. NEXT!