MonPoc: One Man Stampede

Thunder on the Savannah. You stare into tomorrow across a sea of grasses when you first hear it. Thud. Then, Thud. A third. Another. Faster and faster they come. After a moment you realize you are not hearing the footfalls with your ears, but feeling them as the ground trembles. You turn in  your seat to look at the man in the driver’s seat of the jeep. You hear an exclamation from the back seat. Your fellow poachers are alarmed. Then you see that they’re all staring in the same direction. You follow their gaze as an enormous titan breaks through the treeline, meaty fists each as large as a bull elephant, and you immediately wish you’d listened to your mama when she said you should have taken up a less dangerous career, like Lab Test Subject. Taharka has come.

The Legion of Mutates’ ranks are swelling with Taharka storming forward and the Slashers and Clickers joining the Unit pool. Let’s have ourselves a little unboxing.

Slashers are single piece models with enormous, toothy swords. Moving with mind-boggling big cat speed, introducing someone to the business end of their fanged cleavers is not only a possibility, it’s downright inevitable. The clicker, on the other hand, calls back to my Werewolf: Wild West days – the Camazotz. It’s an enormous anthropomorphic bat, how cool is this?!?

Alright, the Slasher is cool, but they gave the Clicker an enormous gun too! It’s bloody amazing! Just look as his adorable little hognose! Alright, who cares about Taharka, it’s all about the Clicker. Give me a blister of five!

Sigh. Fine. Okay. We’ll look at Taharka too. Our big boy is all resin, and a very simple five components. As usual there’s a few resin channels to clip and shave off, but cleanup takes very little time, and the result is a lovely rhino dude.

Taharka doesn’t skip leg day. Or arm day. Or anything day, really, he’s an mountain of muscle ready to throw down.

When your faction is represented by a lion and a rhinoceros, clearly the most sensible option for a third is an enormous wombat. I mean, sure, the next Mutates monster is wolf-based, but one can’t expect everyone to have the searing insight that I do.

Taharka, the Slashers and the Clickers are available through your FLGS.