If a shepherd herds sheep…

… what do you call someone who tends to baby dragonspawn? I mean, sure, Bo Peep here is based on the Blighted Nyss Shepherd, but maybe her title should be Raek Wrangler? I dunno. Blighted Bo Peep is a Minicrate model, and one that I was keen to get my hands on. Sure, I don’t play Legion,  so this was purely a model to paint for funzies, but it was a challenging project in parts, and a rewarding one.

Aside from the staff being precariously wobbly to the point that I put her in the cabinet as soon as I could call her “done enough” rather than risk it snapping, it was interesting trying to pick out the assorted detail between the armour plating and hem, raek plates, feathered cape… The dress and hat were a lot of fun to paint. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with multiple pink tones. My eyes are starting to fail me in my old age, so there were challenges finding the detail to pick out here and there, but overall I’m pleased.

Now to get back to taking another bite out of my Brush Wielders Union pledge… and some Marvel Crisis Protocol… and some other Minicrate pieces… and some chibis… and some Underworlds warbands… and and and and… The pile of shame, she is eternal.