Monpoc: You’ve got crabs!

Have you ever picked up a model and, regardless of whether or not it was a model you could use with your chosen faction(s), you just -had- to paint it? Doesn’t matter what game line, I think it’s largely a universal concept for many gamers. For Monsterpocalype, my preferred factions are the Lords of Cthul, the Planet Eaters, and the Subterran Uprising (Tremble, surface dwellers!), but when the Myriad Singularity and the Ketos Crab hit my desk, it was almost like one of those scenes in a movie where someone just swipes everything off their desk to they can unfurl a map to go over their grand plan.

My brushes. They hungered.

On the one hand, we have a towering building that looks like Dr Strange is unfolding the multiverse within it. On the other hand, we have an enormous crustacean and I can just -hear- the little clickety-clack of its mouthparts.

For the Myriad Singularity, the visual of the building just… unfolding in tiers as the singularity manifests. This was a grand opportunity to try out some Turbo Dork metallics, and the deeper blue on the ball itself is a colour-shift from blue to purple.

On the tabletop, the Myriad Singularity acts as a portal for the Masters of the 8th Dimension, making their units cheaper. Additionally, the building… isn’t quite there. Your models can move through the singularity, though it may damage monsters thrown into it against their will. More significantly, as reality distorts in the presence of the singularity you might find your Masters unexpectedly switching position on the tabletop.

After the geometric impossibility of the Myriad Singularity, to biological monstrosity is the Ketos Crab was a radically different painting experience and a whole bunch of fun to work with, picking out the nooks and crannies in the enormous shell. I had a lot of fun experimenting with colour, notably the pink mixed in with the orange on the shell to the thin traces of oxidization in the cracks. I figure a crustacean this large -has- to have some high mineral content in that carapace…

The Triton’s base, the Ketos Crab provides a unit discount, but the more interesting feature is… it moves. The crab will essentially mine the building it’s on until it’s rubble, pick a new building, and scuttle over to get to work on chewing it too. The thing to note here is that it works on any unsecured building. Doesn’t matter what it is, what its defense is, what other rules the target might have – if it’s unsecured, it’s a snack to the Ketos Crab.

Yes, yes, I know, the Smog Factory has also released and I need to paint it for my Subterrans, but these two just called out for brushwork. I’ll be continuing to work on models as I’m able, but I’m super happy to be able to add these two to the cabinet. Now, what sort of building can we expect for the Savage Swarm?!?