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    Hello, friends!  Lostie Ben here.  You may have seen my name around here before, on the Paint the Target and the occasional Grymkin post.  I play Warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux. And, as I know that sometimes consistency is important in these uncertain times, I am also a bearded man with a shaved head here to talk to you about miniatures.

    I first got into Malifaux on an impulse.  I’d just gotten a bonus from work and was looking to get myself a nerd present, as pretty much anyone in the minis hobby would do.  I’d slightly burned myself out on Warmahordes, painting most of a Grymkin pairing and half a Convergence pairing while trying to get a toe hold into my Cygnar list.  What I hadn’t realized was that I needed an aesthetic change.  My spouse picked up the Asami starter box for the Ten Thunders faction and showed it to me, thinking that the models looked really cool and different.  That was nine months ago, and now I have a bunch of models across two Malifaux factions, and am looking at picking up a third.

    Let’s say you repeated my good fortune, and bought into this wonderful game on a whim, or you’ve heard about how great it is, and decided to jump in.  What does the starter product look like?  What do you need past that to play?  And where should you start if you want to get a full crew on the table?

    Fear not, I’m about to help you all of these questions and more.  I have a brand-new core box here, and I’m going to open it, build it, and paint it up for you.

    I recently bought the Collette core box in the Arcanist faction.  She is one of my favorite masters in the game mostly because of her gorgeous sculpt, and I’d been itching to dive into her crew for a long time, so this seems as good a time as any to bring you along for the ride. (Disclaimer: I have not gotten Collette on the table yet, DC has been on pretty tight restrictions due to COVID, and so all of my  gameplay notions are wildly untested theories at this point.)

    This is the box:

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