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  • What’s on your wishlist?

    Most think it can be hard to shop for gamer pals, but in truth, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Worried about gifting a model for the wrong faction? Congratulations, you’ve just provided inspiration to for a whole new army! Worried about gifting a duplicate? Truth be told, the percentage of models that can’t be used in multiples is very low, and there’s always the chance to convert a model. What about roleplaying resources? Sure, no-one needs two Dungeon Masters Guides, but there’s always something missing from their library that can be identified with very minimal research. Worst comes to worst, have you -ever- heard a roleplayer say they have too many dice? Today I thought we’d drop some hints for shoppers, or last minute additions to your wishlists

    Miniature Games

    Everyone’s well aware of Games Workshop’s Start Collecting boxes. Almost every faction in Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K has a Start Collecting box available. They’re all excellent value, and they pretty much all have kids that can be built with multiple options, so there’s very little fear of duplication.

    If you’re looking for something a little more affordable though, that can welcome a new player to miniature gaming? Privateer has you covered.

    G.U.A.R.D. for Monsterpocalypse

    Warmachine/Hordes starters provide everything you need to gets started, except a table and an opponent. Each has a complete rulebook and a selection of curated models that are suitable for learners, but that will still provide fun play for veterans. Suitable for the Fantasy/Steampunk fan.

    Monsterpocalypse starters follow the same philosophy but aimed at those who really enjoyed Godzilla or Pacific Rim. Will you level the city and crush the puny humans, or will you save mankind from monstrous invaders? Either way, you get to slam your opponents into building and stomp their puny tanks. Good times.

    If you’re a sci-fi junkie, Warcaster starters are the newest kids on the block but still pack a punch with plenty of pew-pew in a distant galaxy. Player communities are developing and the feedback on this game is positive and an exciting opportunity for someone looking for a dynamic new venture.

    Roleplaying Games

    Tales From The Loop

    Dungeons & Dragons is the biggest name in town, and there’s a world of supplements and resources available. From the Starter Set for someone who’s never played before, to the Players Handbook for someone keen to take their first steps into a campaign, to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything – the very newest resource for players and DM’s alike.

    If you’re looking for a different roleplaying experience, the options are all out there – you could pre-order the Dune RPG for hardcore sci-fi fans, combat nazis and elder things with Achtung! Cthulhu, or sink your teeth into the award-winning Tales From The Loop for fans of Stranger Things.

    Amethyst d20 from Norse Foundry

    Not looking to commit to a whole new campaign, but think a one-off would be good times? Steamforged’s Epic Encounters are self-contained adventures that can also be worked into an existing campaign.

    If you’re not looking for a new game, dice are absolutely a thing. Stunning dice in wood, stone and metal are available from Dogmight, Elderwood Academy, Dice Envy and Norse Foundry. If you’re looking for dice for an LGBTQ+ gamer, Heartbeat has you covered.

    Adventurers & Adversaries offers modular miniatures, and both Heroforge and Eldritch Foundry allow for customizable model designs that you can then have printed or print yourself.


    Brush Wielders Union

    Subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays for a variety of industries, and gaming hasn’t been overlooked. Privateer Press offers two different monthly subscription lines – one for Warmachine/Hordes and the other for Legend of the Five Rings – over at Mini-Crate. Dungeon In A Box, RPG Crate and Dungeon Crate all cater to Dungeons & Dragons fans, and there’s even dice subscription services like Libris Arcana.

    Additionally you could look into a subscription to D&D Beyond, perhaps a membership in a subscription-based community like the Brush Wielders Union, or even hook them up with a link to a favored author’s Patreon so that they can get sneak peeks at upcoming works.

    The worlds inhabited by tabletop gamers can be dizzying and confusing for those on the outside, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be navigated with a little assistance. I wish everyone the best in navigating the coming weeks as we close out 2020. We may be isolating for the good of the community, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to get our hobby on, or to help end encourage the gamers in our lives to do the same.


  • The expanding Monsterpocalypse

    When Monsterpocalypse was relaunched a few GenCons ago, I was rather excited. The initial incarnation was a thing when I was first getting into Privateer Press products, but the blind box model meant that I could never guarantee that I’d get anything I actually wanted out of a booster box, which made it difficult to swallow the price point given that, knowing my collector mentality, I’d be pushing to try to get complete factions. The relaunch took care of this by doing away with the blind box model, and added in the bonus of adding in a hobby element along with the resculpts, letting us paint the models however we so chose.

    Doing away with all of the old agendas, the new Monsterpocalypse simply had two sides: Destroyers and Protectors. Every Destroyer can ally with every other Destroyer in their quest to bring about the end of all that is, and every Protector can band together with every other Protector in defense of Humanity and the world as we know it. Initially we got three of each – GUARD, Shadow Sun Syndicate and the Terrasaurs seeking to shield humanity, while the Planet Eaters, Martian Menace and Lords of Cthul were set to lay waste to the planet… but it wasn’t long before more factions started appearing. In addition to the starting six we have:

    Fighting the Good Fight

    • The Empire of the Apes, led by King Kondo, have muscled out of the hidden forests.
    • The Tritons rise from the depths, all tentacles and fishy smells.
    • The Green Fury would otherwise be seen as ecoterrorists, but when the world’s being broken apart?
    • The Elemental Champions tap into monastic traditions the world has not seen for centuries.
    • The Draken Armada have arrived from the stars with noble intentions and a grudge against the Planet Eaters
    • The Legion of Mutates? Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Well, lions, hippos and rhinos…

    Appetites for Destruction

    • The Subterran Uprising have breached the surface with whirly drill bits.
    • Uber Corp International are always happy to steal a good idea, and then make you pay for it.
    • The Savage Swarm are all abuzz. We’re gonna need a bogger apiary.
    • The Waste are sentient sewage and pissed off pollutants.
    • The Necroscourge are a nanite hivemind, reanimating and repurposing the dead into weapons.
    • The Zerkalo Bloc are from a parallel Earth, conquering their other dimensional counterparts.
    • The Masters of the 8th Dimension are inscrutable, and just plain weird. But deadly.

    With no less than -nineteen- different factions to choose from, the variety of aesthetics and playstyles is somewhat bewildering, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find something that appeals to you whether you’re focused on playstyle or aesthetic.

    Which faction’s your favourite, and why is it the Subterrans?

  • MonPoc: Voyaka 099

    I can’t be the only one who watched Pacific Rim and thought Cherno Alpha was a freaking amazing machine. The idea of thousands of tons of cold war era soviet tech stomping around in an enormous jaegar with absurdly thick armor plating made for an amazing visual and one of the highlights of the film. When Privateer announced the Zerkalo Bloc for Monsterpocalypse, a little part of me squeed.

    Carving through dimensional barriers, the Zerkalo Bloc hail from a world where the cold war ended very differently than it did in our own universe. Voyaka 099 is the spearhead of an incurion, a walking battleship bristling with an array of cannons and a chest-mounted brace of spotlights (There are five lights!).

    The main hun fires shells 6′ across, while the forearm-mounted secondary batteries provide smaller fire – while still enormous – ammunition capable of shattering an opponent’s chitin or piercing through to the foundations of a building. Closer to the groups, an array of cannons are mounted on each leg for use as anti-personnel weapons. Woe betide any G-Tanks that find themselves singled out by Voyaka 099’s targeting systems.

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  • MonPoc: Zybanos and the Bastion Lander

    Who said two heads are better than one?? Well, actually, I’m pretty sure Blastikutter did, and as a representative of our new Subterran overlords, I’m pretty sure I can take him at his word. Clearly, so does the Draken Armada! While our first encounter with the enormous space dragons was the corrupted Gallamaxus, their leader Rastaban assures us that they’re actually here to help humanity combat the Monsterpocalypse, and his field commander Zybanos has entered the fray with both heads blazing. Wait, that didn’t sound right…

    Today we’re cracking open Zybanos and the Bastion Lander, the Draken Armada’s terrestrial base.

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  • MonPoc: If it quacks like a duck – Yasheth

    As the painting projects continue and we delve deeper and deeper into the pile of shame at the Gdaycave, models that joined the stash some time ago are finally seeing their time on the painting desk. One such model is Yasheth, Keeper of the Dread Lexicanum and unabashed IKEA devotee. The second monster for the Lords of Cthul, Yasheth is a tricksy devil who starts out floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, before kicking up the vampirism in the late game.

    Yasheth believes in getting up close and personal, striking with Brawl attacks. His wickedly long talons pierce through enemy armor with Penetrator, while Vampirismhelps out by healing Yasheth whenever he damages an enemy monster. Getting stuck in melee can be dangerous, but Side Step lets him advance 3 spaces whenever he’s missed by an attack. This works both ways of course – risk some incoming fire and get bonus movement forward, or dodge an uppercut to reposition out of melee if needed.

    Once he flips to Hyper form, Yasheth commits more to the fight by ditching Side Step, but picking up Lightning Attack for economy of actions, allowing him to get additional Brawl attacks. He still reduces opposing defense with Penetrator, but switch vampiric gears by ditching Vampirism in favor of Siphon. No more healing, but whenever he hits an opposing monster, they lose a Power Die and he gains one. If you’re packing decent unit support, Arcane Voidmeans he also grants Siphon to any allied units on the table, allowing you to potentially keep your opponent’s power pool woefully empty.

    As a bonus, Yasheth is one of the models where I still have the original Monsterpocalypse models, allowing for some comparison pics, showcasing the difference in scale and model detail, along with some bonus dust on the bases of the older models.

    “You can’t win, Yashethkin! I have the slightly higher ground!”

    While Ulgoth remains absent from my Lords of Cthul stable, having Yasheth painted means I can field him with Cthugrosh for a mono-faction force, deliciously breaching reality as the Elder Things carve their way through our subconcious and bring about the downfall of mankind, as it was foretold in the prophecies…

    You can, of course, snaffle your own Yasheth from your FLGS, preferred online retailer, or direct from Privateer Press. Now, who’s next on the painting table…




  • MonPoc: Unboxing Rastaban

    The world is a warzone. Giant monsters from a dizzying array of factions have declared your planet the center of a cataclysmic conflict that threatens to shatter the surface and destroy all terrestrial life. Humanity’s defenders are just as monstrous as its attackers – enormous apes knuckle up to cosmic horrors, shadowy megacorps duel with mystic juggernauts and aquatic leviathans rail against invaders from another world.

    You? All you really wanted was a fresh bagel, but no, now you’re hunkered down in an alley as a silvered ninja, twenty stories tall, parries a blow from a giant biomechanical worm thing with clamps.

    And then? Space Dragons.

    The Draken Armada entered the Monsterpocalypse with Gallamaxus, but he was a reanimated, dead monster controlled by the nefarious Necroscourge. Now the Armada is arriving in strength to bolster the defenders of Earth. Rastaban is leading the incoming wave of space dragon reinforcements, clad in green armor and bearing the seal of leadership on his chest.  Given the difficulties of designing a crown that would fit consecutive space dragon heads, what with their individual horn arrangements etc, it only makes sense that it’s a wearable medallion of sorts.

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  • What’s on your Societal Reboot agenda?

    While the self-isolation, quarantine and social distancing of the Era of COVID-19 has been a boon for hobbyists in terms of getting things painted, it’s been an active struggle for those of us that crave the tabletop experience. Yes, there are tabletop simulators online, but they don’t compare to the actual fun of pushing toy soldiers around a tabletop, rolling dice, and uttering vague (or even specific!) invectives against the dice gods as your sure-thing turns into a complete crapfest.

    I’ve spoken several times on social media about the benefits of having a hobby that we can sink into while distant from our opponents, enjoying a creative outlet and getting models painted, but the end of the list of benefits is always that we have something to look forward to: Actually getting to play our games with our friends, putting the models we’ve been working on onto the table, and enjoying the full tabletop gaming experience with fully painted armies.

    To that end, I ask this – what are you lining up for your gaming experiences? What are you most looking forward to?

    Myself, Age of Sigmar is high on the list since my main #PandemicProject was my Flesh-Eater Courts army. My Court of the Radiant King is almost ready to ride out across the shining plains if Hysh in service to their liege, to unleash truth, liberty and justice upon those evil ne’er-do-wells of the so-called Realm-Lords. Of course, since they’re bat-sh!t crazy, truth, liberty and justice actually translates to horror, dessecration and a whole lot of snacking. The painting table’s gotten a little jumbled lately, but I’ll find time to paint the Terrorgheist yet. And yes, for the 40K fans out there I am keenly aware of the Indomitus crusade, but my Flesh Tearers are nowhere near ready to field. Yet. And yes, I’m aware that I’m playing Flesh-Eaters for AoS and Flesh Tearers for 40K. There may be a subconscious theme running here. I admit nothing.

    Marvel Crisis Protocol is right up there as well. I’m keen to assemble the full Guardians of the Galaxy roster (still need to get Drax/Ronan) and to get some personal experience as to how well they synergize (or don’t, which would also be totally in character). I’ve been slowly painting up other MCP models as well, so don’t be surprised if Spidey or Shuri find themselves in the mix, I’ve never been shy of applying whimsy to list creation.

    The world of Riot Quest is expanding with Wintertime Wasteland, but I still have a bunch of models to finish painting from the Mayhem block. Finishing Feora the Forsaken also resulted in War Room being fired up and a list being put together that I’d love to try out… and of course, it’s become another painting project waiting to be launched.

    Perhaps more timely is the imminent release of Warcaster. My Iron Star Alliance will be put on the table against AEdge’s Marcher Worlds, and pal Brandon’s admitted that the Empyreans are right up his alley aesthetically, so kicking tires with a new system is always on the to-do list… as is playing Monsterpocalypse. Blastikutter’s out now, it’s only a matter of time before Privateer gives me more units to work with beyond the Mollock Berserkers and Brutes.

    Now I need to finish the commission paintjobs I have on the table so I can get back to work on models for each of these plans…

  • We all watched Privateer’s Keynote, right?

    Were you online when we were graced with the digital presences of Will “I collect honey!” Hungerford and Oz “I am not a monster!” Schoonover, delivering the 2020 Keynote? We’re on the cusp of Warcaster, we’re in the aftermath of Oblivion, we’ve seen the coming of Gallamaxus as new friends and foes join the Monsterpocalypse, and of course, the Keynote – our sneak peek into Privateer’s plans for the coming year – had a few surprises for us as well.

    You can watch the Keynote here:

    Some neat things to note:

    Iron Kingdoms: Requiem

    The Iron Kingdoms RPG, reborn using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edtion ruleset. I love me some classic IKRPG, but bringing the setting fully into 5e compatibility means potentially opening up the setting we love to a much wider audience, and with Matt Goetz – hands down one of my favourite writers/designers in the RPG industry – working on the project, I am very keen to see Requiem in my grubby little hands.

    Bear in mind also, this will be a huge insight into the world of the Iron Kingdoms after the Infernal invasion. The events of Oblivion and the Hengehold Scroll were a major upheaval for Western Immoren, and we’ve all had a lot of questions as to the state of the world, and the fates of those left behind after the Cyriss gate closed. If the amount of lore and background for the setting in Requiem is anywhere near the quality that we got with IKRPG Full Metal Fantasy and IKRPG Kings, Nations and Gods (and of course, IK Unleashed) then we’re in for a hell of a treat.


    Our primary source of alternate sculpts and concept reinventions, Minicrate has been putting out some excellent alternates through its subscription service. Some sign up for the six month stretch and get the VIP bonus model, others cherry pick the models that appeal most. The Keynote has given us a peek at 6 of the next year’s models, but of those shown in the video I think my personal favourites are Winter Watch (alt Pyg Lookout on a Polar Bear cub) and Fiona from the Black Lagoon (alt Fiona the Black as a mermaid).

    I mean, there were no Menites in the list, but that doesn’t mean a few others won’t find a potential home in the Gdaycave…


    The Draken Armada are coming in full force, with three new monsters and six new units – but we’ve known that these guys were incoming for awhile (even if we had no idea about Gausamal). What caught my eye was the Zerkalo Bloc, a cold war era style heavy metal foe from an alternate Earth. When I watched Pacific Rim, Cherno-1 was my favourite Jaeger aesthetically, so the concept renders definitely caught my eye.

    On top of that we have the announcement of the Legion of Mutates – Anthropomorphic animals, including elephant men with rocket launchers – and the Masters of the 8th Dimension – geometric beings that defy physics and our understanding of biology. Now, I’m a commited Destroyers player, so I’ll pout a little that the Mutates are Protectors, but those Zerkalo’s will look awfully nice marching alongside my Mollocks…


    The Keynote has announced the fourth faction for Warcaster, the first non-human faction – The Empyreans. The ancient alien masters of the Hyperanuion, they’ll follow the standard templating of the other factions – Solos, Units, Light and Heavy Warjacks – but the similarities largely end there. Armored carapaces with bonus tentacles, some of the Empyrean models don’t even bother with such gauche mundanities as legs and arms.

    Humanity will be receiving some new toys as well, with the coming year’s wave introducing vehicles – the Razorbat (Marcher Worlds), Interceptor (Iron Star Alliance), Scythe (Aeturnus Continuum) and the Zenith (bringing the Empyreans in line). Each will have weapon hardpoints that welcome different armaments, much as the warjacks do. They also look super cool.

    Warmachine & Hordes

    With such a strong focus on Warmachine leading up to and through the Infernal invasion, it’s time for Hordes to get some love. We saw a bunch of new models for the Legion of Everblight and the Trollbloodsm, as well as some merc/minion models such as the Death Archon. The Grymkin will also receive some new models, including the blasphemous Defiled Archon, and Isiah the Dread Harvester, their pumpkin-headed dragoon who can turn his own victims into Dread Rots.

    While Hordes factions will be enjoying a little time in the limelight, Warmachine won’t be completely ignored, with the Retribution of Scyrah expanding into House Ellowuyr. Thyron and his Swordsmen have reinforcements incoming. The Crucible Guard will also receive new models, including Major Aline Benett, a Rocketman Warcaster.

    Riot Quest

    Riot Quest is entering its second season, with the Wintertime Wasteland kickstarter live as we speak. A new map, a new block of looters, all of which will be compatible with both Warmachine and Hordes, including the baby Gorax. Maybe he’ll be a companion model for the new Boomhowler? Pure speculation on my part of course. The core set gives us a new melee-centric Boomhowler, a new Black Bella, a post apocalyptic Yuri the Hunter, the Nyss sorceress Yssylla, the aforementioned baby Gorax, Shivers.

    The new edition Riot Quest will add a slew of new heroes, including the first dual hero, Dez (from the Mayhem block) with Gubbin (also from the Mayhem block) loaded into a mortar. The Man-o-War Bulkhead will add some serious armor plating, while Bumbles the bear is adorably lethal. Major Benett – the Rocketman Warcaster mentioned earlier – will also be released as a Riot Quest model. For Kickstarter exclusives, alternate sculpts of some of the original Mayhem heroes will be available.


    While there’s no new Menites in the immediate winds, I can acknowledge that other players need new toys too, and I can appreciate the novelty of having more things to set on fire with Feora the Forsaken. Also, gimme two of those Interceptors ASAP…

  • MonPoc: Gallamaxus and Megaton Mashup

    Let’s get ready to rumble! Megaton Mashup is hitting shelves and it’s time to tag team with your favorite rival to take down the newest threats in town… or the oldest. Sure, that sound’s cryptic, but it’s easily explained. Megaton Mashup introduces cooperative play to Monsterpocalypse along with the first representative of the new Necroscourge faction, Gallaamaxus – but don’t think it stops there. Megaton introduces rules for using -any- Monsterpocalypse monster as an opponent for your team-up!

    Monsterpocalypse has, until now, been all about putting monsters and units on table and squaring off against your pals as your competing monsters work to either save or destroy the cityscape. It’s a ridiculous amount of fun as your Subterrans and Lords of Cthul try to subjugate the souls of of the city while your opponent’s GUARD mecha and Terrasaurs fight to save humanity and the world, but when a bigger threat comes to town, well, there’ll be no humans for Hammerklak to enslave if the Ares Mothership disintegrates the entire city. Defender X and Hammerklak may have to stop fighting each other and join forces to take on the new invader. They can get back to fighting each other once the Martian Menace has been dealt with.

    This is pretty much the premise of Megaton Mashup. Both players join forces and coordinate attacks, regardless of agendas, to deal with a bigger threat. Megaton Mashup introduces a deck of villain cards which directs the movement and attacks of the new threat, whichever monster you choose it to be. I can’t stress that enough. While the box does come with Gallamaxus, literally any monster in your collection can be used as the target of the players’ combined efforts.

    The box comes with a single, double-sided rule sheet, the Megaton Mashup villain deck, a small card with to track extra health for your villain, and the card and model for Gallamaxus.

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  • MonPoc: Run, Surface Dwellers!

    Quake in terror, surface dwellers! Tremble in your pathetic human boots! The Subterran Uprising is upon you, and Hammerklak is here to bore you to death! Wait… that last one didn’t quite sound right as a tunneling geological pun… Bah! Hammerklak and his Mollocks care not for your sophisticated humor! Only for your submission and/or demise, as the Subterrans rise to bring your surface society crashing down around you!

    As mole people go, Hammerklak’s actually quite a gentle soul, seeking only to better himself and to gain a sense of harmony and one-ness with the universe. Ain’t his fault you surface dwellers are totally harshing his vibe. We unboxed Hammerklak awhile back, but with his finally finding space on the painting table, along with the Mollock Brutes and Mollock Berserker, it was time to put our high lord of the clamps back in the spotlight.

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