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  • Paint the Target

    June already?!? Who signed off on this malarkey?!? I can’t leave you wacky kids alone for five minutes! Ah well, at least some of you sent in entries for May targets. We asked for terrain/walls and shields, the better to hide behind when Origon the Denouncer comes seeking vengeance for your crimes against humanity. … … Just me? Okay then.

    Prophaniti1978 dug deep into the archives for a classic Chaos Amazon.

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  • Skittles of Death 2.0: The Untamed Beasts

    Let’s be honest, Games Workshop does a pretty solid job of marketing their new games and building up hype, generating FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – for their boxed games. It really doesn’t help that their model production is top tier, and their designers somehow manage to pour some real variety into concepts when they put their minds to it. Case in point, Warcry – where they managed to create some beautifully distinct warbands for base level chaos cultists, along with a game that gives a taste of Age of Sigmar with a much smaller model commitment and some super sweet terrain.

    When Warcry was released I was lucky enough to get the Untamed Warbeasts from the core box thanks to pal Brandon, and the warband made it onto the to-do list for this year’s Brush Wielders Union goals.

    They’re still pending basing, but following the “Chris likes painting colours” rule that gave us my “Skittles of Death” version of Warhammer Underworlds’ Sepulchral Guard, the Untamed Beasts are ready to make their opponents taste the chaotic rainbow.

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  • Paint The Target

    Ah, May. The scent of Spring in the air. Smells like pollen and allergies. Thankfully, burritos are an all-year round thing. Are those two statements related? You’ll never know! it’s a mystery! What’s NOT a mystery, was April’s target. Participants were tasked with painting a model that fit with the theme “Precision”. A sniper rifle, a razor-fine blade, a needle carefully placed… Apothecaries and medics, blademasters and more. Let’s see what came rolling into the ol’ inbox.

    KrrNiGit’s Ogor (am I the only one irked by GW muddling the spelling of things?) delivers killshots from a distance with what can only be described as a personal ballista.

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  • Paint The Target

    April showers may bring May flowers, but before that we get a new gallery of painted models and – as with every month – someone’s gonna get a prize mailed to them. For the month of March, participants were instructed to paint something big. No snotlings and gobbers here, I wanted to see titans of the battlefield, centerpiece models, things that dominate the landscape with their mere presence. Let’s see what we got!

    From the desk of Wallorspin, which I’m sure is perpetually dappled in golden sunlight, Aeternae!

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  • Keep on truckin’

    It’s been a long week in the Gdaycave, from work volume exploding for the #RealJob to the kitchen undergoing renovations (among other things, fancy new faucet is fancy). It’s been tough to muster the energy to get a lot of painting time in, even with my #BrushWieldersUnion goals and other models for review. There’s half a dozen or so models at various stage of painting, my Untamed Beasts for Warcry plugging along, and I’m happily chugging through Riot Quest models, but at the end of the day it can still be a struggle finding motivation to pick up the brush.

    This is something of a double-edged sword for me. Painting models is, for me, something of a therapeutic process. It’s a creative outlet, and delivers a sense of completion, of accomplishment, when a model is done. It’s a stress management tool, because it requires focus that stops me dwelling on other stressors at the exact same time as it causes stress about colour schemes and painting tiny bloody eyeballs and the like.

    So there’s something to be said for doing nothing for an evening or so, but at the same time there’s a lot to be said for sitting down and getting brush time in, even it it’s just being that much closer to having something to show off in these hallowed blog halls.

    A deadline can be the motivator, such as an upcoming tournament or convention that you want to be fully painted for. Sadly, those aren’t really a thing right now. These are keen drivers for productivity, even if there’s no “fully painted” requirement, because it’s a chance to play with a fully painted, cohesive force, and that’s always a great feel. It enriches the game experience for both you and your opponents. It’s also a chance to showcase your efforts to your friends, get direct feedback and encouragement, get tips for the next project. These things can be done online, but there’s no substitute for being able to see models with your own eyes, or being able to converse face to face.

    Other times a single model can just capture your attention. You pick it up and damn son! you have to get paint on it. This can be a trap in itself as you lose all motivation to paint anything else while you focus on this new project. I say this, fully aware that I have two Plains Runners sitting at about 60% done, while Hecate Vilehorn has received all of my painting attention after sitting primed in a drawer for over a year. I can’t explain why a chibi centaur necromancer is suddenly the focus, but heck, it is.

    I will say that if you’re plodding through your 30th Space Marine, a change of pace can be as good as a holiday. Put the 3rd company Intercessor down, pick up a model that’s something completely different. Not just a different colour scheme, but a different style, a different concept, a different company perhaps. I’ve always found that painting chibi models, with their hyper exaggerated detail and enormous eyes that make you question your freehand abilities, to be a great palate cleanser when you’re stuck in a painting rut. It really doesn’t hurt that Ninja Division’s Master Class models have been hitting it out of the park lately. The Brinebreaker looks amazing.

    Consider something like the #Hobbystreak challenge, where you try to get at least 30 minutes of hobby time in each day, and see how many consecutive days you can streak to. Whatever it is that keeps you plodding with your painting projects, I encourage you to reach out and share, let me see what you’re working on. Let’s see if I can finish Hecate over the weekend…

  • Paint The Target

    Ah, another month scratched off, and we’re this much closer to National No Housework Day. Now, granted, I celebrate on a more frequent basis, but I understand that not everyone has to the freedom to do so. Instead, let’s take a look at what entrants painted for February’s target, which was twofold. Well, technically onefold, but dual in nature. February’s target was Two. Whether this meant painting paired models, models that were dual-wielding, or perhaps Pokemon #2 (seriously, no-one painted an Ivysaur?), its’ time to double up. Behold yon gallery of entries, and as usual, the new month’s target will be posted – along with February’s winner – at the end.

    Prophaniti1978 painted a single model with two beings. Do you think the little dragon Shang gets upset with Kyria for wearing its grandmother’s skull as a pauldron? Okay, okay, it’s not a dragon skull, but what if it was….

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  • Heroforge: Lago Ratburgher – Now in Glorious Technicolor

    As a roleplayer, it’s often a challenge finding a miniature that’s -just right- to represent my characters. That somewhat changed a few years back when Heroforge started producing customizable miniatures, taking advantage of advances in 3-D printing and designing a fairly robust website that let clients choose just what components they wanted for their figures. Different races, different poses, different equipment loadouts; it quickly became a quick and easy way to design character visuals, and most of my D&D Beyond character sheets have a Heroforge headshot.

    Last year, Heroforge kicked it up a notch by adding custom colorization of your figure, and the option to have your model printed in glorious technicolor. As someone who enjoys the act of painting, this feature didn’t immediately appeal to me personally, but I totally get that there’s a lot of gamers out there who don’t enjoy painting, so for them it as an amazing opportunity.

    Roll it forward to the recent holiday season and early January, and I got older, and my stepson decided he’d like to buy me a Heroforge model. This presented what we in the blogging world call an opportunity. I’m always keen to have more minis in my collection, and now we had a chance to not only get a mini for another of my PC’s, but also to see what Heroforge‘s colored models come out like!

    Enter: Lago Ratburgher, Halfling Rogue drafted into the Ratburgh constabulary to serve as an archer.

    Let’s be clear, this isn’t my first Heroforge model, so I knew to expect possible layer lines from the printer, and we got them. The graininess hasn’t been evident on all of the Heroforge models I’ve painted in the past, but it’s not unknown. The point of all this, though, was to look at the color.

    Realistically I knew not to expect the same lustre and vibrancy that we got on the 3-D render, but I’ll confess I expected a little more than we actually got. The coins on the base are a dull yellow, the arrowhead and helm are greys – it may just be that metallics aren’t really dialed in yet – and the three gemstones on the base are all quite dull.

    Conversely, I was impressed by the precision. Each quilted diamond of the armor has a darker center and lighter edges as portrayed in the render; the blue trim is spot on, as is the trim around the kneepads. There’s even color variation in the skin under his cheekbones.

    What made me smile, oddly enough, was the shiny spot on the helmet. That white spot near the front right of the helm’s crown is present both in the render and on the model – they’ve got color gradation doing a pretty good job of presenting reflective surfaces on steel, even if the coins in the sack do look a little like ravioli. I mean, he -is- a halfling, it’s totally understandable if he’s been looting pasta.

    The verdict?

    As someone who enjoys painting, I will likely not be relying on Heroforge for color printed models. I’ll happily use Heroforge for custom figures, but I’ll tackle the color chores myself – both because painting is a big part of the hobby for me, and because I like my models to have stronger saturation. For a non-painter, though, someone who may not be into painting ? The color service provides a simple, straightforward way to put your favorite character on the tabletop.

  • Paint The Target

    BABY YOU’RE A FIIIIIIIRWORK! Well, your entries this month are at least. Welcome to Paint The Target! As usual, we set a target for your painting efforts, and you – yes, you, dear reader – have the opportunity to paint something that fits the theme. One lucky participant will win something from the Lost Hemisphere prize pool. Throughout January painters were tasking with the them “Fireworks”. Things that may you go BOOM. From hand grenades to rocketpacks, laser rifles to redheads, let’s see what’s lighting up the Lost Hemisphere with this month’s gallery.

    Lonelymonk never does anything by halves. It’s a full squadron of Crucible Guard Rocketmen!

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  • Little Projects

    I love to paint. It’s a therapeutic thing for me. It gives me something to focus on other than the troubles of the world around me, it’s a creative outlet, it provides a sense of completion and achievement. It fuels the hope of in-person gaming on the other side of the pandemic. There’s a strong sense of community, a chance to teach, and chance to learn. That said… it can be overwhelming too.

    Look, I get it. I understand. I want to be able to field a fully painted army of space marines against my pal Dave’s Adeptus Mechancus army, or Scott’s Orks, or Tyler’s Night Lords, or, or, or… but getting stuck into a huge pile of grey plastic with pauldron after pauldron after pauldron and all the edge highlighting just makes my brain thunk. Finishing my Flesh-Eater Courts army was a big project for 2020 and it’s a great feeling knowing how much I was able to get painted, but it took a long time, especially at the glacial rate at which I generally paint. Huge army projects are amazing, but they can be a grueling marathon to wade through.

    This is why I’m fond of smaller, self-contained projects. Not just things like a Necromunda Warband or Company of Iron army, because those are things that can be expanded upon and, strictly speaking, can never truly be called finished. I’m thinking more along the lines of Guild Ball teams (may the game roll in peace) and Underworlds Warbands. Projects like these typically have up to half a dozen models, give or take, and once they’re done, they’re done.

    Take, for example, the Crimson Court announced yesterday during GW’s preview livestream. Four models, each looking particularly gorgeous in their own right (click the pic to embiggen). Most of the warbands are somewhere around $40USD, so not an enormous investment (as these things go). For your money you get a finite, playable squad for the game and their attendant cards, that’s also playable in Age of Sigmar should you already have (or should you later build) an army of the same faction.

    More to the point of today’s post, you get a small, characterful project. Each model is unique, so you don’t get the feeling that you’re slogging through infantry. They even come with sculpted bases. You get to experiment with color palates that may not be in your comfort zone, should you wish, without committing to painting dozens of models. Never painted goblins? There’s couple of goblin warbands. Curious about whether you’d like to paint Lumineth? There’s a warband for your to test your brushes on without committing to investing in the army.

    More importantly, you can get that sense of completion, that sense of achievement, that can scratch the itch and give you that little boost you need to help you push through your bigger projects.

    I painted the Sepulchral Guard awhile back (my beloved Skittles of Undeath) and the Grimwatch were painted as part of my Flesh-Eater Courts army… Maybe, once I’m done with the Warcry and Monsterpocalypse models I’m currently pottering with, it’ll be time to finally prime the Chosen Axes…


  • Reinforcements have arrived

    Some days you go to the mailbox and there’s nothing but flyers and an electricity bill. Other times there’s a mysterious box containing a bounty of paints! Since the closing of my old FLGS, it’s been a challenge getting new P3 paints without driving to neighboring cities, and we’re not supposed to be sojourning on pigment quests. Many of the newly released paints have been absent from my palette simply because there was nowhere immediately local I could nab them. This travesty has now been remedied.

    The following have been added to the arsenal:

    • Amethyst Rose – Looks like it’ll pair beautiful for shading Skorne Red
    • Asheth Grey – Will it betray me? Do I need to paint with one arm when using it?
    • Bad Bruise – A beautiful deep indigo that reminds me of bruise makeup I wore in high school for a play
    • Bogrin Brown – A great base tone for yellow-brown leathers
    • Boiler Black – Pig Iron has been demoted as my dark metal go-to
    • Bog Moss – A lovely bilious green
    • Beaten Purple – This I already had a pot of, but the new one seems lighter? Did the recipe change?
    • Deathless Metal – Dark yet lustrous
    • Eldritch – A greener tone that will share space with Meredius and Arcane Blue
    • Galvanized Steel – I’ll experiment with this. Looks like a light grey, but it’s a metallic?
    • Gravedigger Denim – The core of any good set of dungarees
    • Mage Hunter Green – I dropped this paint pot twice in a 5 minute span. It clearly boosts its dodge rolls
    • Meaty Ochre – Hands down the best name for a yellow paint I’ve seen in yonks
    • Orgoth Bronze – The third dark metallic in the mix
    • Inferno Orange – … a Menite named this, didn’t they
    • Sickly Skin – A very pale green-grey, perfect for the pallid dead

    And then there’s a selection of inks. I am very interested in comparing Caspian and Kossite flesh wash. To date I’ve mainly relied on washes from Citadel’s range, but working with different skin tones is a thing, and I can’t just use Citadel’s flesh wash on every tone. Our hobby is very heavily dominated by the same basic skin tone. P3 paints have given us several tonal variants, and Idrian Flesh is very much a favorite of mine to work with,

    I don’t see myself pulling a Lonelymonk and spending 20 hours transferring my collection to dropper bottles, but I really am quite chuffed to have new colors to work with, and excited to be able to show you the end results as I work through my painting goals this year.

    What painting projects to you have on your docket? What paint lines are you leaning into?